Fellow Blogger – Don Charisma

Thanks for doing this Suz 🙂


I am having the best fun doing these Fellow Blogger posts. In the fifteen days I have been running this series, I have shared many fellow bloggers with you. Some of these bloggers I have known since the beginning of my blogging and some are relative newcomers to my corner of the blog world. However, each is wonderful in their own way. This week, I have been enjoying featuring some of my closest blogging friends and tonight is no exception. I am pleased to count this man amongst that group. His support and friendship has meant a lot to me.
Tonight, I introduce to you Don Charisma. For those of you who don’t know Don, he is a British expat living in Thailand who loves using his iPhone to take photos. He once went to a place he nicknamed Big Buddha Hill and took almost 300 photos. You can find…

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8 thoughts on “Fellow Blogger – Don Charisma

      1. Ah, the evil FB ways are starting to infiltrate into WordPress … now where’s that cross and garlic, I think I put them in my desk drawer… must be here somewhere … need to buy some silver bullets 🙂

      2. I’d be lost without my FB friends some days. I’ve made some great friends and it’s a terrific way to stay in touch with family.
        Remind me never to go snooping through your desk drawers!! 😉

      3. I deleted my account a couple of years back, bored of the BS, re-instated for the blog. I can see it’s use for keeping in touch with friends and family. Other than that there isn’t much that I like.

        Mostly I use email or skype or facetime to keep in touch with family/friends.

        And definitely don’t go through my drawers there are condoms and screws in there, ibuprofen 600mg, a dive computer and some post-it notes … dangerous stuff !



      4. All of my nieces and nephews use FB and so do my children. Great for keeping up with the younger generation.
        My drawers at work are such a delight. There are all the usual office supplied mixed in amongst teas, chocolates, nuts, deodorant and other assorted odds and ends. 🙂

      5. I used to work with lady who lived on chocolate … she locked her desk drawer when she left for the night … probably had had it raided more than once !

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