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‘What do women want?’ is the dumbest question a man could ever ask – travellingmacs

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Me And Kerry-Anne

Kerrie-Anne first came to my attention on Twitter, a bit of a double take required at her humorous message.

My curiosity, and her honest and genuine question, sparked off a friendship. Kerrie-Anne is a very warm-hearted lady, who I admire for many reasons, but most of all for always seeing the positives in any situation.

She loves to write about travel, family and good food – the best things in life 🙂

You can find Kerry-Anne at ??JOURNEY OR DESTINATION?? blog.

Please do enjoy Kerry-Anne’s guest improviser submission.


Don Charisma

‘What do women want?’ is the dumbest question a man could ever ask


Hi, I’m Kerry-Anne aka Travelling Macs. I believe the pen (or in this case the keyboard) is always mightier than the sword, and as such the cut can be sharper and deeper, inflicting a scar that may never heal properly even with time. In saying that it’s important we use our pen to create slices only at the issue at hand, not those also carrying pens or swords.  I am in no way a feminist, I’m an equalist (yes I also make up words to fill gaps). My post today is an attempt at humour on my part and in reality I think the dumbest question a man can ask is in fact “Where’s the remote?” because let’s face it they are always the one that had it last 🙂


“Oh right , ANOTHER thing men want us to do for them! Tell you the answer, study for the test on your behalf?? Do you really expect us to stop what we are doing to answer a question you should already know the answer to?”  I hear women all over the world thinking this, some standing up on their chairs shouting it, all rolling their eyes and clicking their tongues. How do I know this you ask, well I used to be one of those women with a man asking this of me. But I taught my husband well. Though, every so often I give him the refresher course just to keep his skills up to date on current practices. 🙂

Asking this question validates what we women know about men. You never LISTEN and ultimately that’s the bottom line of all that we want. And ironically, in saying that, I’ve actually answered the dumb question. That’s it, that’s all there is to know. Ultimately it flows into every crevice of our being our emotional, physical and spiritual support.

As a teacher listening is the most important skill I teach. Without it, you will be forced into a life of asking dumb questions. Effective listening isn’t just about an aural experience. It’s about picking up the subtleties, it’s about getting to know the environment and it’s about using all your senses and observing body language to capture any underlying messages.

Effective listeners are active listeners. It’s about letting others speak or act, picking out what these actions or words tell you and using it to create a dossier of needs and wants of that person. It’s about building a positive relationship. Active listeners don’t need to ask DUMB questions because they already KNOW the answer from their interactions.

Travelling Macs - Advice For Men
Travelling Macs – Advice For Men

Here are a few examples to help you on your way.

If you see us looking at the kitchen tidy bin overflowing and we say “Gee, that’s full” you should hear ,“Take out the bin please” (yes we always use polite terms).

If we are asking if our dress looks good you SHOULD hear we are asking for affirmation of our choice and reply along the lines of “That’s an amazing fit. You choose such beautiful clothes and I’m so proud to be your man”.

So, asking ‘What do women want?’ is truly the dumbest question men can ask. You don’t need to ask us what we want. It’s the dumbest question because in fact if you really were interested in the answer,  you already have the whole answer available. I always say the only dumb question is the one you ask after having already been given all you need to know on a platter, gift wrapped  with pretty paper and a colour coordinated bow(as we women do for you men).

Perhaps I should now start on the question about the remote control now 🙂


Thanks for reading my attempt at impro. Hope you got a laugh out of reading it as I did writing it.  I’ve been blogging for just over a year now at and am always up to dabble in varied writing genres. What started as a travel blog has twisted to a series of rambles (or the more smarter sounding ‘musings’), fiction posts , poetry and now ‘impro’. Pop by when you have a moment. I keep the cushions fluffed up ready for visitors to come sit for a while 🙂

BY Kerry-Anne, blogger extraordinaire at the ??JOURNEY OR DESTINATION?? blog.

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27 thoughts on “‘What do women want?’ is the dumbest question a man could ever ask – travellingmacs

  1. I try to hide the teacher but she surfaces too often…often in a glare at random naughty children at the shops land always at my errant husband lol. Ha ha, yes Siri could be our saving grace :))

  2. Funny and accurate. I could tell it was a teacher talking. Sometimes we just need to record the phrases we repeat 20 times each day and have Siri play them when appropriate. Like if our husband asks, “What do you want?” And especially if he asks, “Where’s the remote?”

  3. “Advice for men. When woman say to you…”Just do what you want” Do not under any circumstances do what you want!” Thought I’d share with your readers a quote from my 3rd book in progress on under Startling Views – The Last Big Thought. ~How a spousal argument starts: One person says, “You can do whatever you want.” It’s when you add, “You always do anyway” that puts that downward spiral into motion.~ Both men and women do this! Hey Don, I incorporated my Startling Views site that you were following into my Word Warrior site: “Your Ship Is In. Hurry! The World Is Changing With You! Check it out.

  4. Actually the DUMBEST question a man can ask a woman is
    ‘Have you put on weight?’. If he does ask her he will find out in one minute flat what he is! ( and does he really want to know?)

    1. And does he even NEED. To know …unless of course he is just about to take you on a 2nd parachute tandem jump and he is resubmitting the application from the first jump ..gotta know the weight then lol.

  5. This is a fabulous write Kerry! You expressed so well what many dear ladies at times are wondering – in a lovely fresh way. Not TOO much prodding – but just enough to give it that little edge 😉

      1. For sure hey! Well you did darn well 😀 Lets face it – not THE easiest topic to do and still remain focused and centred to convey the right ethos required for the challenge! Again – well done 😀

  6. Loved the read. I share the sarcastic tone when talking about the male sex (I’ll use sex since that’s all they’re good for; procreation and sex…. can you tell I’m divorced?).
    Also, you may actually be surprised that feminism is basically the same as “equalism” (very interesting that you said that because I once wrote a blog and included the same words in reference to myself)
    – That ones called I’m a Pro-Man Woman
    and was later informed by a feminist friend (well, 3, actually, because I realized I have a ton of feminist friends) that feminism is not just about equality for women, at all. In fact, a huge part of feminism is the belief that men are also victims of the patriarchal society (the way a lot people judge SAHD’s, or how maternity leave is almost always so much shorter for dads, etc.). I wrote this one recently and thought it an interesting coincidence that yours went hand in hand (called What I Want In A Man), which turned out to be a little bit funny (even though I started out serious).
    I try not to seem like I’m “promoting” my blog in comments on others, but it just seemed fitting.
    If you get a moment perhaps you’d like to check them out. Either way, great read and I’m following you! =]

    1. You are welcome for the free “Plug” … enlightening stuff … I’m more of masculinist myself, but usually that’s were all the trouble starts 🙂 warm regards DC

  7. I really like the way this is written with a lot of humor and some really seriousity. A good way to teach each other.
    Thanks for sharing. I need to check your blog out.

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