Ideo 3 – Sunset Over The Bay

Still confused about which way up the iPhone is supposed to be. Nevermind, QuickTime Pro export puts it right way up and shrinks the file, so not all bad !

I was taking some sunset photos, so figured I’d try panning across the bay, show the boats etc on an ‘ideo. I’ve found it’s quite a skill to keep the iPhone level and to pan smoothly. There are quite strong waves, due to the wind. See I did learn something when I was learning to dive. Anyway, the wind blowing across the mic isn’t a great effect so I’ll need to be aware of that next time. Perhaps I’ll dub it with some house music next time LOL

It’s improving and this is just for fun, not serious anyway.

Watch for the cowardly tourist lady at the end, she likes the thought of the ocean, but doesn’t want to be friends with it !

33 thoughts on “Ideo 3 – Sunset Over The Bay

      1. We have shark nets but they are a long way out from the beach, not close in like this. The only time I have seen them close in like this is in northern Queensland to keep out stingers and jellyfish.

  1. My mom still laughs about a woman on beach in Virginia who kept trying to walk into ocean, got knocked down by waves, washed up on sand, standing up and trying again. Mom said they watched and laughed for more than an hour. I personally prefer the mountains. Oceans make me dizzy, but then so do heights, so go figure.

    1. I like both, there’s something refreshing in both instances, mountains often have clean air and by the ocean it’s often clean too. Plus there’s often good seafood to eat by the ocean 🙂

      1. Prefer the good old deep fried catfish from our ponds here at home. I can eat shrimp, but don’t like the sweet flavor of crab and lobster. Guess that would make me a cheap date, since I also hate steak. Grew up on that, so it’s nothing special to me.

      2. My preference is lobster but can’t afford it, so I eat a few prawns and a bit of fish, other than that I don’t anything that walks or flies …

  2. Don – I don’t know if this is the appropriate post for this question but how do you take a screen shot of your iPhone’s screen? Look forward to your reply! Nick from Yancy’s Secret Garden.

  3. Very nice! At first I thought it looked really cold, the wind and all until you panned to the people on the beach. I recently took a sunset pic on my iPhone unknowingly upside down but it looked pretty cool so I posted it like that on Instagram 🙂

    1. Yup, I’ve found the results very good in decent daylight. Photoshop and they are really quite respectable. Night photos, I’ve never had a camera that was “perfect”. Only suggestion so far has been a lumix on night setting (fireworks). The new Nokia has 41 megapixel camera, so wondering what the iPhone 6 will have!

      1. Same, but every little precaution helps get a bit less … I’ve sent it again, check spam queue, let me know if you don’t get it … if not I’ll try smoke signals 🙂

      2. 🙂 Thailand, it’s a nice place I’m happy here … and having editing several thousand photos now, I can bring the best out of even relatively mediocre shots, not that difficult, just much practice and persistence … I’ve replied to your email, can you do me a favour just say you’ve received my emails… I seem to have been having problems sending them and don’t know when they are getting received … cheers DC

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