Dick And Fanny 1

Art, Australian Seedlings – “Dick & Fanny”

The English are some of the most repressed human beings on the planet. We used to have slogans like “No Sex Please, We’re British”, and movies like the “Carry On” series which were almost entirely innuendo based. In contrast I go to Holland, and they don’t even bother with the towels in the saunas, and they have full frontals on the adverts … We’re all part of Europe ? Dick And Fanny 1 Dick And Fanny 1

So imagine my surprise as a young man in London travelling on London’s underground metro/rail system, used to all the boring advertising, plain and unordinary, they grey drudgery of it all, when I spotted a naked woman on a poster. Double take I did for sure, nearly frightened the life out of me actually. Turns out not a photo, but a painting. So it seems a naked person on a poster in London’s underground is not allowed, but a painting is. How the hell does that work. What kind of sick twisted minds think up such bizarre inconsistent rules about decency ?

Never-mind, just exploit the loopholes and enjoy life I guess, no pun intended. Dick And Fanny 2 Dick And Fanny 2

Cut to present day, I recently posted about some phallic copper vases that are in a local restaurant. A female friend who shall remain nameless, for now, mentioned that she has some sculptures locally, said to be based on seedlings emerging from those special pots that gardeners have. I thought about it, well why not share it with Don Charisma readers, something interesting for the day, it’s art not porn or erotica and beats Facebook and YouTube. So here we have what I believe have been locally named as “Dick & Fanny”. Dick And Fanny 3 Dick And Fanny 3

My comment to her when she emailed me the photos was “The one on the left looks like to too many beers or coke and the one on the left looks like he’s found a happy home” (reverse left and right because it was a different photo). Dick And Fanny 4 Dick And Fanny 4

Gotta love Australian chics, they are cool, great sense of humour and fun 🙂

Enjoy !


Don Charisma

26 thoughts on “Art, Australian Seedlings – “Dick & Fanny”

  1. Finding a spot to comment and say that I have noticed you following many of the ‘pop up’ blogs that I make. As an Aussie I thank you for your interest in what I am doing down under 🙂 You seem to have bountiful energy. Warm wishes! I won’t specifically follow because I find if I have too many feeds it all get a bit too much. However I will add a link to you on my Creative Goldfields Bloggers. You are an example of a very active bloggermeister!

    1. Hey Heather, I guess I just keep on following your blogs until you follow me back LOL … for me it’s about the friends I make along the way … and always generally happy making aussie friends you guys are generally cool folk …



      1. Lovely! I am Anastasia Riversleigh on Facebook. I will follow you there and then, no doubt, be directed into your blog! Love your persistence! And I do love making friends too. You sound like fun! Very Charasmatic!

      2. Ah thanks hun … for me it’s not the how with friends, it’s just that we are 🙂 Best place to follow me is on my blog, as that’s were I really live … warm regards DC

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