Copper Vases Restuarant

Phallic “Vases” 2

I posted this a while back from the other angle, with the gay dude on his phone who wouldn’t get out of the shot …

For those who haven’t seen them, they are a couple of copper objects outside a restaurant. I don’t have a better word than “vase”, anyone wishing to educate me is quite welcome. It was only while editing them that I realised their phallic nature, and probably not surprising as it’s quite a “gay” area. Not that I am, it’s just close to home and relatively peaceful walk. Copper Vases Restuarant Copper Vases Restuarant

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand 2013

8 thoughts on “Phallic “Vases” 2

  1. I came out of a Wal Mart Store in a nearby town one night and they had cement pylons I guess is what they would be called, in front of the store, all lined up I suppose to stop a car from crashing into the store. Well I thought it was rather odd how much like phallus’s they looked. Really they did. I said well I think a man obviously designed those. I wouldn’t want to accidentally lean against one. It would make for a funny picture.

    1. Alwasys used to amuse me looking at parts of London and how Phallic things like the Mayor Of London’s office are (it’s been nicknamed the helmet) … and actually London is full of women … interesting that men design such Phallic stuff and then women are all around 🙂

      1. I don’t know. I’m going to email you a photo of some sculptures in the main street of our town that are apparently seedlings emerging from seeds. We have other names for them however this is what the artist envisioned.
        Judge for yourself. Just saying…..

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