Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

Isn’t this just a dream wedding, married on the beach in Thailand … awesome … a heart of flowers on the sand, and a robust bridesmaid to ward off evil passers by 🙂

Certainly seems a better way of spending one’s £20000 than a traditional one with all the freeloaders erm I mean guests back home in England.

I’m still a bit nervous of taking pictures as a “passer by” photographer. Getting more proficient at it, the girls yesterday posing together in the surf thought it was quite funny that a random passing photographer was taking their pictures. Didn’t know which camera to look at !

Also I quite like photographing the photographer, interesting random angle on things.

And no I’m not photoshopping out the girl’s arm and phone ! Beach Wedding Beach Wedding

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand 2013

16 thoughts on “Beach Wedding

  1. I am not 100% Caucasian, so I am a brownish American. I don’t wear goofy clothes when I travel abroad and in my mind I do not feel like I am standing out very much. Then here comes the vendor…

    “Why is he heading straight towards me?”

    “He is coming my way!!”

    “Sir!”, he says. “I am putting myself through school. Would you like to buy a map of my city!”

    A real blow to your ego! Maybe I still look as goofy as the old Italian guys in their Aloha shirts with black knee socks and flip flops…

    1. Nice one Steve … it’s what I call “invisibility”, I got the idea from “Men Who Stare At Goats” movie, rather than stand out, blend in, blend in so much that you’re virtually invisible … however my recent experience with the parrot man who demanded money to take a photo of his parrot, shows that I’ve a long way to go blending in as a local 🙂

      Warm regards


      1. Thanks Steve, you’re the third person to have cheered me up about the parrot incident and I like your laid back sense of humour … I know I disagree with you sometimes, but I definitely think you’re a cool guy, if that makes sense … “enjoy” work 🙂

  2. My niece recently travelled to Thailand with a whole wedding party so the couple could get married on the beach there. Apparently it was a lot of fun. They said that the money they spent on air fares and accommodation was worth it.
    a robust one 🙂

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