Thai Pussy Cat On Power Cables

Cat Power

A couple of people said they didn’t like the power cables in one of my photos. Being the contrarian that I am, I decided to make a feature of the power cables. Probably easier to Photoshop out the cat than the power cables in this one ?

As you can see this little cat likes to chill out on the power cables next to a junction box. She’s a bit difficult to see in the first photo, so I’ve cropped her photo for a close-up. Thai Cat On Power Cables Thai Cat On Power Cables Thai Cat On Power Cables 2 Thai Cat On Power Cables 2

(c) Don Charisma, taken in Thailand, Nov-2013

9 thoughts on “Cat Power

  1. I like that pussy cat. Just hope she doesn’t get her front paws on the lines while the back ones are still on that roof top. Bye, bye kitty if she does. I’ve seen too many fried squirrels around town who didn’t learn that lesson.

      1. I’ve never said that I don’t like power cables, I just hate when they detract from a photo. I have a photo I took once that had a great big power cable running right through it. It took me hours but I annihilated that sucker!!!

      2. I know Suz, just teasing a little and it’s encouraged me to take some nice photos power cables and all, so entirely positive.

        I’m getting better and better with the clone tool it’s really handy, panorama software hates closeup railings for instanced and clone does excellent job for fixing those … Also I can get a bit extra in my crop with the panorama, by adding a little additional sky or sand … oh and sometimes the way it joins waves don’t look so great … AND I can photoshop the rubbish that people leave on the beach … so clone tool, definitely a big fan:)

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