Sunset Beach Panorama 2 PTGui (6w-x-1h-P)

Beach Panorama, Sunset

I do love my big sky panoramas, this one is no exception.

Stitched with PTGui, 6w x 1h (portrait). Master panorama is 28 megapixels. Sunset Beach Panorama 2 PTGui (6w-x-1h-P) Sunset Beach Panorama 2 PTGui (6w-x-1h-P)

(c) Don Charisma, taken in Thailand Nov-2013

24 thoughts on “Beach Panorama, Sunset

  1. Great photo Don. Keep on taking care of yourself. Click your refresh button, recharge the batteries, get lots of sleep, and above all, stay well bro.

    1. Yup exactly what I’m doing, batteries recharge on their own just have some patience 🙂 … sometimes things I enjoy start to feel like work, and that’s a good sign that rest and relaxation is needed ! Cheers DC

  2. I love this picture, I miss the water. I live in the Central Valley of California, US, Most of the year it’s ag country, but lately it’s been very dry due to water fights going on, and a lack of rain fall.

    Being near the water, makes me less stressed, but then so does being in the mountains….and yet I live smack dead center in a valley 😉 life is strange that way.

    1. Seems cleaner and fresher near the water for some reason, and yes it’s nice I like it !

      Can’t answer your conundrum about being away from mountains and water, perhaps there’s a life change coming up at some point ?

      Warm regards


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