Evening Power Cables And Tower

Evening Town Tower Scene (Power Cables Included)

On my way back from my daily 5 mile walk, looked like might be an impressive shot. Not sure whether the HDR helped it’s a little blury, but still a great photo.

Took me a while to find a space between the traffic, but persistence paid off. My make-shift tripod is to bring my elbows as close together as possible to stop movement. Does look a little bit camp, but it helps !

In Thailand they have a lot of power cables, which often don’t look very safe … and probably they aren’t … when it rains you’ll often hear loud bangs and that’ll be the power transformers exploding 🙂

And no I’m not going to Photoshop the power cables out ! Evening Power Cables And Tower Evening Power Cables And Tower

Taken in Thailand Nov-2013

15 thoughts on “Evening Town Tower Scene (Power Cables Included)

  1. I’ve never noticed much if any difference in the HDR photos… having said that just picked up a iPhone 5S so it’ll be interesting to have a play with the functions soon. And yes power cables everywhere… have you been to ‘wireless rd?’ unintended irony there i’m sure 🙂

    1. Hey bruce, I’m finding there are some differences and I’m getting better shots in daylight conditions even if it’s only the sky that is coloured in … I’m still playing with it so not reached a final conclusion …

      I’ve not been to wireless road, is it like spaghetti junction ?

      1. I was few times mistaken to be a Thai so I reckon there are a lot of similar stuff Sir.

        I’ve heard gluttony is punishable by law though which is not practiced here. 😛

      2. Thai and Filipinos look quite similar to westerners so easy mistake to make.

        Would be a good idea if they did the same in western countries probably would be less problems with obesity !

        We’ve had some storms here, but nothing too major, the power went out the other night so we had candles, but that’s fairly normal here … how are things where you are ?


      3. Mostly the Thais make easy mistakes Sir. But it’s all cool, I’ve met some when I was down under who were married to some Aussies and they’re lovely. They have lovely food, too even though I am not fond of super duper hot and spicy but I like how they make their food.

        There’s still two storms coming but hoping it won’t and nothing major, too. It’s a beautiful day we are having today, Mr. Sun is up for days now. Power outs during storms is quiet normal for us here, too Sir but ironic how much rants and complaints you’d here. LOL

        Keep safe Sir and it’s always great to see some photos where you are.



  2. Are the bright lights a reflection of the sun, or some power cables shorting out? I’ve watched our short out at night and it’s beautiful sight, even though not much fun living with afterward. Have fun bro. Cause I just know you’ll photoshop the cables out.

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