Eight Headed Dragon Collection

There are Two Eight headed dragons 200 feet long that guard the staircase up to the the big Buddha.

Here they are from as many different angles as I could get shots !

30 thoughts on “Eight Headed Dragon Collection

  1. Those dragon heads look kinda scary to me, but then I’m sitting here in the almost dark looking at them. Need new light bulbs and someone with a brain to climb up and put them in for me. Any takers? Could use a brain transplant also.

  2. Good job they’re not alive, wouldn’t want to meet these running around on a dark night! Seriously, what a colourful culture in Thailand, I wonder if hot climates result in people having a sense of colour you don’t seem to see in places like London. I used to have to travel to Melbourne (cold/wet) when I lived in Perth in Australia (hot, hot) and people used to comment how colourful my clothes were whereas Melbournites seemed to go for black, black, black.

    1. Hey Crazy, I know exactly what you are saying. We were in Melbourne in August. Mt Tween was amazed t how we stood out amongst everyone because we were wearing bright colours and everyone else was in black. Guess Queenslanders have a brighter sense of style.

    2. I think bottom line is people are happier in warmer climates and tend to express their emotions through what they wear … I have to confess not being particularly colourful clothing wise, but I put that down to a guy thing:)



    1. I think they are guards … the dragons of LOndon that I posted about in my “Essential London” guide where kind of gaurdians and they also marked the boundary of London’s “square mile”

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