Big Bell Big 2 - Big Buddha Buddha Hill

Now that is a BIG BELL

It’s a big red bell, must be 8ft high and the support must be 16ft. Darn it, I didn’t try ringing it, hmm, not quite sure you ring a bell this size, more like “dong it” ? Do you need a donger to dong a bell ?

It’s Chinese I think … (I couldn’t read the writing) Big Bell Big 2 - Big Buddha Buddha Hill Big Bell Big 2 – Big Buddha Buddha Hill

Taken at Lower Big Buddha Hill, Thailand Nov-2013

6 thoughts on “Now that is a BIG BELL

  1. I’m thinking you would need a ‘donger’ or one of those poles that can be pushed into it. Amazing bell. I wonder if it is a prayer or meditation bell?

    1. Probably like a broom handle with a leather bit at the end (looks like a match stick ?) that’s for donging … could easily be for prayer or meditation, or maybe it’s the bell for “time for food” !

  2. Probably a good thing you didn’t try to ring it. The first time they rang the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia it cracked. Of course, it was made in France instead of the USA, so that could be the cause LOL.

    1. French are better know for pasties and breads than bell-making ? The great engineers of the world I have to say have always been the Germans, a German bell wouldn’t have cracked on first ring !

      1. Fraid the German’s didn’t help us much during the Revolution. Of course, being half German myself, I do agree about the Germans being great engineers. Come to think of it, UK didn’t help us much either, except make us fight harder.

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