Swan - Big Buddha Hill

Big Crane Bird

It’s a big crane bird ! Swan - Big Buddha Hill Swan – Big Buddha Hill

Taken at Lower Big Buddha Hill, Thailand Nov-2013

14 thoughts on “Big Crane Bird

      1. I’d go with a crane. If you google images “Cranes in Asian culture” or “cranes in Asian art” you’ll find heaps of hits. They are mostly white with a bit of black.

    1. Cold weather is tough on the feelings of well-being, so look after yourself … opposite problem here, it’s how to keep cool, but I’m getting more acclimatised now. stay safe too:)

      1. Safe, but stumbling. Maybe should take up drinking. The heat is really bad for MS, so I can deal with the cold better. Just hate the rain.

      2. I had a few whiskeys this evening at the Loy Catong, but generally speaking alchohol makes me feel rotten these days, probably already too high on life acts as a relative downer for me !

  1. Thailand must be an interesting place……i would love to be there. It is on my list of places to see before I die.

    1. It’s hot most of the time, and generally the people are happy … highly recommended 🙂 I’ll keep the photos coming, so you’ll know what to expect … warm regards DC

      1. It’s a great place and suits me financially at the moment with the cost of living cheaper here. It’s an agreeable climate and the people, well there are some dumb ones (aren’t there everywhere!), but lot of them really lovely … Food is awesome, never get bored of Panang Kung (Prawn Curry, sweet/spicy dry’ish), and had better fish and chips here than in UK … potatoes here are just much nicer than English ones !

        I haven’t explored that much, fund don’t really allow. But I’m enjoying the photography and the blog, so will visit some more places and post photos:)

        Warm regards


      2. Sounds cool to me. If I had the start-up funds, i’d go cruise around the South Pacific, food is great, cost of living not too bad, and the people and islands are beautiful….. and it’s temperate….the sea breezes keep it about 85 degrees…’s lovely

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