Minor Buddha 14

Minor Buddha 14, Bonus (Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert)

I learn’t a new photography technique on this one. If there is a tourist and her photographer girl-friend obscuring both the Buddha you want to photograph and the spot you need to be in to photograph it – take a picture of the tourist, they move pretty quickly when random people start taking photos of them:)

So this isn’t really a minor Buddha photo, it’s a pretty Russian lady with EXTREMELY colourful trousers, who got in the way. She’s smiling and took it all in good spirit, so no harm done!

The Big Buddha has minor Buddhas, one for each day of the week. For YOU, your minor Buddha would be the same as the day of the week you were born on. Born on Monday, your minor Buddha would be the Monday one. Also some of the minor Buddhas don’t have weekdays !

If you didn’t read any of the minor Buddha posts :-

I only found out about this after I’d returned from taking the photos, and I know all the days apart from Thursday. So sorry Thursday people.

In Thai the weekday Buddhas are called “Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert”, or at least that’s my best phonetic representation. Minor Buddha 14 Minor Buddha 14

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