Minor Buddha 10

Minor Buddha 10 (Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert)

The Big Buddha has minor Buddhas, one for each day of the week. For YOU, your minor Buddha would be the same as the day of the week you were born on. Born on Monday, your minor Buddha would be the Monday one. Also some of the minor Buddhas don’t have weekdays !

I only found out about this after I’d returned from taking the photos, and I know all the days apart from Thursday. So sorry Thursday people.

In Thai the weekday Buddhas are called “Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert”, or at least that’s my best phonetic representation. Minor Buddha 10 Minor Buddha 10

9 thoughts on “Minor Buddha 10 (Pra Bah-jam-wan-gert)

      1. Thailand is lovely, but it is Hot, very hot here, so bear that in mind if you’re coming from somewhere cooler … airport is air-conditioned, but as soon as you walk outside, well it’s hot obviously, like a wall of hot, humid heat … bangkok got many many things to see so I’m sure you have a great time … warm regards DC

      2. Sorry forgot to mention, there’s been a travel warning issued by 15 countries regarding thailand. I actively don’t follow the news, but from what I could make out there are/were some political troubles. Sorry I’m not better informed, but please do do your research make sure that you think it’s safe to travel, and also if there are any considerations if you are travelling. keep safe, warm regards don charisma

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