Big Buddha Panorama 4

Big Buddha Panorama 4 (Back-lit), Thailand Nov-2013

Big Buddha from the my “Big Buddha hill trip” at the weekend.

Due to the sun glaring into the camera lens, the photos were all very dark and took quite a lot of fiddling in Photoshop with Shadows and Highlights to get it right. Personally I think the effect looks cool, but obviously the colours are not as “clean” and vibrant as the others.

Taken on iPhone 4S, stitched together with PTGui Pro and final touches in Photoshop CS6. The panorama is 6 photos stitched together, 2w x 3h photos (landscape orientation). The raw/master panorama is 26 megapixels. Big Buddha Panorama 4 Big Buddha Panorama 4

4 thoughts on “Big Buddha Panorama 4 (Back-lit), Thailand Nov-2013

  1. Ooo, Don, you are so talented to be able to do this. Guess you’re back in London now? It took me a week and another call to my tech guy to get my blog running again, but at least it’s back now. How ’bout coming to Kentucky and helping me get it set up the way I really want it? I keep trying things but not much luck. Just not very good at tech stuff I guess. Too bad my son doesn’t know that much about computers, cause today he actually fixed my broken power chair that the so called experts told me couldn’t be fixed. He took it apart, had to turn a piece around that had been put on backward, then get a 75 cent spring, install that, and now it works. Brilliant child. I love your photos from Thailand, and really should call my mom to see if she remembers what day of the week I was born. I really want to know which minor Buddha is mine. Later luv.

    1. 🙂 Thanks Angie … don’t have much money for travel … always happy to answer any questions if I can … Thailand has beautiful aspects when I start taking photos I see them more often … but like anywhere there are dirty bits too, rubbish on the beach etc … I thought I told you the day of the week you were born ?

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