clint eastwood meme a mans got yo know his limitations, DON CHARISMA, Magnum Force A Man's Got To Know His Limitations

“A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations” – Clint Eastwood

“A man’s got to know his limitations”

Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in Magnum Force 1973, Don Charisma, Magnum Force A Man's Got To Know His Limitations Magnum Force A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations, Don Charisma, Cool Twitter 60x60Photoshop- To Overlay text on B&W photo- draw a white rectangle reduce it’s opacity, overlay with black text Century Gothic #DonCharisma

15 thoughts on ““A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations” – Clint Eastwood

  1. I have some kind of out of date program I use constantly to do a lot of CGI imaging. Prbably all spelled wrong, but my keyboard doesn’t alwas put in the letters I try o type, Did I ever tell you how much I hate my computer? Anyway, I once did a birthday book for a friend with one photo of her on several bodies, all looking great. Then another one saw it and wanted her face on Jennifer Anniston’s body, staring up at Brad whosit. Now wouldn’t you think I’d remember his name rather than hers?

    1. Computer-rage, yes get that too myself from time-to-time:) … Don’t really rate Jennifer Annison, she’s a bit homely, prefer a bit of glamour, Megan Fox, now that’s a different story !

      Only Brad I know is Brad Pitt, that the one you mean ?



    1. Hey, my pleasure.

      I know what you mean about Photoshop, it’s complex and takes a lot to find out all of the little nooks and crannies. I use regularly and always experimenting and discovering new magical powers LOL I’m also trying to break the back of learning Illustrator, which is a whole-nuther-level of pain. So far I’ve got a logo out of it, and hope to use it to do some cartoon work later as vectors are scalable and bitmaps are not:)



      1. I’d like to use vector for my cartoons so that they are scalable to any size. At the moment I’m still too attached to my Microsoft apron strings, but with the major copyright fight/clampdown that’s currently unfolding, I’m inching me closer and closer to Linux and open source on every bit of news. Much more of this censorship, closing down sites etc, and it’ll tip the balance for me eventually. Then there’s no money for them at all from me, and I’ll say the same to my influence network.

        Danny and I’s strategy is he’s working the open source and I’m working the non-open source route, that way we cover more skill ground together. For now at least.

        Good to hear from you, thanks for chipping in on Danny’s blog he’s just getting started and really like how he rises to the challenge each time.

        Inkscape will be where these .svg files I’ve seen are coming from ?



      2. Yes, the majority of SVG files are made using Illustrator or Inkscape. The really hard-core will code SVG by hand.

        Vector graphics are superior when it comes to things like your cartoons. If you observe the file formats of the images on Wikipedia, they prefer to use SVG for anything that’s not a photo or something overly complex.

        Sounds like a good strategy. No matter how much I’ll want to use open-source software, companies will still tend to want to use proprietary software, so it’s still a good idea to know how to use both for now.

        I’m happy to help both of you. I’m always trying to find ways to help out fellow bloggers.

      3. Hey dude, svg by hand! I always took the Word route rather than the Latex route at Uni !

        I recently created a logo in Illustrator, but wasn’t sure what format to save, so I created a .AI, a .EPS and a .SVG … mainly I just drag and drop it into Photoshop, apply a white stroke so it doesn’t blend with the background, resize and job done. So you reckon .SVG is the most “portable” ?

        Danny and I figured on that, if in later lives we are working for whoever then knowing the Adobe stuff could easily be an advantage.

        Thanks for help and support appreciated:)

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