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doncharisma – I am Part of the WordPress family … Award

moreissuesthantimemagazine has nominated me for this award, and I humbly and proudly accept. Thank you for nominating me:)

Since starting blogging I’ve “met” a bunch of really cool people, a real driving force for creativity and positivity. Quite a few people have followed my blog, and I really appreciate everyone who’s followed me, but hard to narrow my nominations to ten bloggers amongst so many great people. So I’ve picked random 10 people who’ve inspired me and made me feel like part of their “family”.

Here’s my ten :

skinnyuz2b –
paulettemotzko –
bruceky –
annetbell –
5readsblog –
digger666 –
Sanguine Speak –
DottaRaphels –
breathethislife –
kqduane –

Thank you all for inspiring me and for being cool people 😉

I’m sure 5readsblog would be happy to accept a submission from any of my nominees, so hopefully we’ll see more posts there in the near future!

Keep on blogging:)

doncharisma, don charisma, I am Part of the WordPress family Award
I am Part of the WordPress family Award

Please note the award originally started with Shaun Gibson, his blog :

Update: FAQ for Nominees – Some questions about nominations from Digger666

Q. Is there an etiquette surrounding acceptance posts?

A. Don’t think so, I just followed a similar format to the blog that nominated me. I wasn’t able to find the source of the Award or any detailed instructions. My advice do what you feel is best.

Q. Am I also expected to nominate other contributors as part of the acceptance?

A. Seems that others have nominated 10 people each, so yes that’s the general idea.

Q. Are there specific standards to maintain?

A. Not that I’m aware of.

Q. Are you able to advise on import of the badge to my template?

A. You can link to my image here –×300.jpg
You can download and then upload to your own blog.

47 thoughts on “doncharisma – I am Part of the WordPress family … Award

  1. Hey Shaun, I originally did some google’ing and wasn’t able to ascertain the source … one of my nominees obviously better with google than me pointed out you’re the originator … so thank you for starting the award and glad to make your acquaintance.

    Love back to you dude …


    Don Charisma

    1. It’s cool, now worries man !

      Found the original post eventually after googling a bit and have updated my blog post to include …

      “Hey” too, and lots of love bro 🙂



      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 … Usually boils back down to a matter of respect.

        My dad too, great guy, always a Don in my heart …

        I don’t know what you mean, “a real Don” ?

      2. With 50000watts of music blasting in nightclubs a lot of people call me Don, I figured no point in correcting them, as they not really listening anyway !

        Humour face to face dude, hard to pull off without the being able to read the face and body language.

        Like you say, opinions vary and people like to think they are making up their own minds … We’re only ever really “free” in our minds, in every other realm there are limits and boundaries …

        For me boredom is an issue but not that often, I find that when I’m getting on with stuff that I enjoy, I’m not bored, just get tired, burnt out, then rest, then do it all again … At present I’m channelling my creativity towards making my living, and doing things I love at the same time.

        I read your post at deliberated donkey, thank you for sharing with me. I’m of the same mind about putting the past behind, and putting love and joy into the present, especially for the ones that love me. Seems a paradoxical issue of survival vs being, both are equally valid given the circumstances at the time.

        If your question is, “is it Karma?”, then my answer is no it is not. You need to figure out how to forgive yourself, that’s all that matters. What happened happened, let it be, let it change, let it go, I just did a post, saying same thing …

        Anyway, out for beers now with the lady of my life, she’s good hearted and happy and lucky to have her.


        Don Charisma

      3. “I could kill you with a thought” … love it, probably one of the funniest things out there, for Brits anyway, Eddie got a good understanding of the culture.

        Sorry for late reply, you know how it is …

        Also thanks for visiting


        Don Charisma

      4. Better than the current Blonde haired one, and much better than red-Ken … To make that much humour out of British, Eddie got a very good understanding of British people and culture…

        Never watched a full “concert”, will go with you recommendations and have a look…

        Bored today?

      5. Mrs came back from visiting sister who’s just had a baby, this evening so happy days … been out for a walk get the creative circuits flushed out, I do a 3-5K most days when I can … here I am on WordPress too, my career moving towards writing, web design and the emerging online market, so it’s work as well as play for me.

        Woods are good, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it 🙂

      6. baby has had to stay in hosp, having trouble breathing, hopefully he’ll be ok …

        I like work for myself, have had a couple of awesome bosses in the past, but mostly they bosses are doughnuts!

        Doing the next chapter in my virgins guide to promoting a blog, which seemed popular and I’m interested in SEO, so win all round.

        Sounds like you’ve got friends in high places, making some money from blogging/writing wouldn’t be so bad ?

        Cheer ears

        Don CHarisma

      7. I hope the babe will be OK, but not in my hands, I’m supporting my Mrs, who’s supporting her sister is about all I can do.

        Regarding the past, I do understand and it’s makes sense, perhaps the old timer from Shawshank Redemption who leaves prison and doesn’t understand the outside world, is a good example of what you’re saying? But yes and no Shaun, perhaps a question of fate vs free will. Personally I’m a free-will-ist, so I believe concious change is possible, probable and inevitable with persistence, and that the past can be left behind. Although I wouldn’t say it’s always easy, for some it’s very difficult.

        As for Money, I see the sentiment, I don’t agree it’s that simple. It’s a bit like saying I hate guns because they kill people. Guns don’t kill people bullets do. If I was being really pedantic about it, 99.99% of the time it’s people that kill people with guns and bullets, the trigger puller is the responsible party.

        From what I understand and I didn’t check this in the good book, it’s “the love of money is the root of all evil”, not money itself. So it’s an individual’s reaction, their greed or lust for power, “the love of”, that causes a problem and causes them to depart from being virtuous, through abnormal, through cruel, right up to evil. Greed and lust for power are thoughts, felt thoughts most likely, but people experience their thoughts differently, not an exact science. Thoughts belong to us and are our own responsibility, so can’t blame money – “the money didn’t make me greedy, she/he didn’t make me greedy… I made me greedy”

        Beliefs and thoughts can and do change, based on social conditioning, culture, influence from peers & authority and the individual person’s other beliefs, experiences and efforts. Sorry, I made that sound really complicated but it isn’t really.

        I try very hard to keep my thoughts positive, and upbeat, but try to accept that some negativity is always present and is necessary, and has positive reason for existing. I do my best to stay strong for others that are lost in negativity, and try to be strong long enough so that they can get back to being happy again, provided I’m safe and in control. I’m lucky enough sometimes to have had others who’ve done the same for me, other times I’ve had to find my own way. These are the kind of acts of kindness that I think real relationships and real communities are built on. “Life is Beautiful” on the one hand and “Scarface” on the other.

        Changing one’s thoughts and feelings can change their life and can heal emotional pain. It’s up to the individual to find their own path, as internal understanding is a very personal and individual thing. Sometimes it takes intervention from another person or people, sometimes I think people learn how they work inside themselves on their own.

        I see you enjoy writing and that you’re good with the social aspects, thought maybe there might be some money in it for you and your loved ones:) to me that’s just normal wanting the best for myself and those that I care for and care for me.

        Anyway, it’d be a bit boring if we were all exactly the same:)

        In a while crocodile !

        Don Charisma

      8. Thanks Bro, I guess you’re getting a bit about me now too:)

        I can see that footy very close to your heart and you’ve done a lot for others in coaching, a positive influence as a leader, props:) For one reason and another I never got the football bug, I enjoyed playing, but found the competitive aspect amongst my peers a bit petty. I’m all for team work, but competing against your own other team members isn’t a team.

        I’ve also been in the PC tech arena myself, my savings went into property. Lehman brothers and others things almost broke me, but have somehow managed to keep it together, have had to settle for less, but no problem. Stubborn, persistent or gifted, take your pick !

        Truly sorry for your suffering Shaun. I don’t have many helpful words for physical suffering, sometime it can clear up sometimes not. My dad I know uses painkillers, which on top of the pain make him not very energetic. For emotional suffering it’s possible to heal, given the right set of circumstances.

        I’ve had my own fair share of bad experiences with money, but yet am still uncynical about money itself, it’s people’s reactions that are the problem. In the end it’s a learning of people’s motivations, good and bad. Once one stops getting annoyed about it, one can see clearer and swerve to avoid the ones that are “vampires”.

        I’ve just posted an Anne Frank quote, which describes perfectly how I got through a couple of my most challenging moments. She says it much better than I could, hard to describe emotional processes !

        Later ‘Ron



      9. Hi Shaun,

        I’m from UK same as you bro, so we’re talking soccer (not the rugby’esk game the Ameriqueens play). I enjoyed the little soccer I’ve played, but I didn’t get a bug for it. Others who were competing against their own team was just one of the reasons.

        Common sense really, if you have money don’t be bragging about it too much, there is always someone who’ll try to take it off your hands. I don’t exactly have a rock-solid-secure future, but I’m OK. Don’t want to be not-OK through making dumb decisions or other people making dumb decisions for me. It’s all very well to say live for now, why save for a rainy day etc, but future DOES come and so do rainy days.

        The “your-mean/tight” (add relevant nationality) brigade are usually trying to dip their hand in one’s pocket, and I generally tell those people to take a long walk off a short peer, or just ignore them if there’s no scope to tell them to get lost. Also I don’t dress to impress, probably has lost me some opportunities, but prefer people like me for me not for what’s in my pocket.

        Respect to you also Shaun, I admire what you’ve done and are doing, and understand to fair extent.



      10. I heard the wallpaper was invented by scots, because you can’t take paint with you when you move ?

        Guy trying to sell me a diving related course called me scottish, but he was just trying to guilt me, therefore I don’t mind ignoring him.

        I think for guys our “role” in society is often defined by what we do, so challenging to be valued and value ourselves for just being. Perhaps something to look into?

        Guilt plays a factor in a lot of people’s lives, so you’re not alone. It’s a fear of punishment for past, present or future misdemeanours (or perceived misdemeanours), and guided by our internal moral compass. I looked into the whys and the hows, of the wrongs and rights, and concluded self-forgiveness is the release and then use the guilt to guide me in the future. Clever manipulators will also use it as a tool to get what they want. Seeing those people for who they really are is empowering.

        I’d say not sharing 100% of yourself in public is a smart, authentic move, the truth belongs to you not anyone else.

        Weekend was ok, haven’t been sleeping that great so managed to get some fairly decent sleep. Aircon and heat seems to be the issue, if I leave the aircon on when I’m sleeping I get sinus headache and it costs a lot for the electricity, if I don’t leave it on I don’t sleep so great have bad dreams, been trying to find a happy medium.

        Have 7 hour road trip tomorrow, so need to prepare for that.

        May the “luck” be with you:)


        Don Charisma

      11. Dude, your messages are always cause to make me think, and oddly inspiring.

        It depends on what you mean by “karma”, you’d need to be more precise on what you actually mean. Karma as in fate I don’t believe in, well not really, perhaps some lingering superstitions but not intentionally. Karma as in one’s own ability to punish oneself with guilt for sin or praise oneself for virtue, I understand that mechanism, I believe it to be true. With that mechanism, it’s the individual that ultimately controls his or her destiny and his or her own personal hell or heaven, via their own beliefs on what’s right and what’s wrong, or more accurately what they believe they did right and wrong. Changing beliefs, changes internal state of heaven or hell.

        It’s said “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”. The way I understand this is that I need to process my own pain, now (or as soon as possible), and let it go. If I delay processing it, don’t want to process it or simply don’t want it, then I will suffer.

        In terms of how human beings process guilt, depends on the individual, some can process internally without the need of external help, through introspection, staying with their feelings or being “lucky” enough to have a belief system which allows them to process it easily. Others rely on their emotional support systems such as friends and family, but those people would have to be strong and enlightened enough to be able to actually listen and actually provide non-judgemental support. Others might turn to a counsellor, psychotherapist, religious figure or other “trusted”/”experienced” confidant, in order to work through it. Others might turn to the public, society at large as a forum to express their angst.

        You could be a woman from Canada, but I’m fairly sharp at spotting fakes and I’m fairly sure you’re not a woman from Canada. Fakes tend to slip up now and again, and it’s a very long game to have setup an established blog and have a detailed understanding of a Scottish dude.

        For pain relief, or if I’m sick or ill, or exhausted from pain, then I reckon what legal drugs are available are enough in moderation. I don’t believe I have chronic pain, so most of the time I don’t need them. “Recreational” drugs I decided that I’m generally not in favour of, as the negatives heavily outweigh the positives. I’m no killjoy, just seen too many bad things happen when people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Good things can come out of bad things don’t get me wrong, but I don’t believe I need to look for bad things happening in my life.

        Sounds like you need a break dude, luck often smiles when we least expect it. My experience has shown that making a decision about how I want my life to be, who I want in it, how I want to feel, somehow means that I end up getting what I want. Might call it goal setting or law of attraction, but it does work. The power is in the imagination and the decision.

        Holidays not such a bad thing, nor is a change of scenery. Yesterday I got up at 4.45am for a 9 hour road trip. Although I saw a dead body by the side of the road, and we almost had a blow out, it was a nice relaxing journey, a time to just be, a chance to see things from a different angle, a different perspective.


        Don Charisma

      12. Dude, brilliant reply also. A break from taking a break, but sounds like you’re doing that already. I find that getting out for a nice walk gets my positivity and creativity flowing again when things start to stagnate.

        I’ve been through my fair share of suffering, lost things, money and relationships etc, regretted things from the past. I’ve been through a process of processing those things and putting them behind me, and to a large extend they no longer occupy much of my thoughts. To suffer was useful and helped me improve my life and state of being and understanding of how life really is.

        I’ve done plenty that I’m proud of and helped others, so not all bad news LOL

        If you believe that you deserve “pay-back”, for the bad things you did, then you will suffer. Karma is a bit vague and ambiguous, means different things to different people, Wikipedia just adds to the confusion. If you want peace and freedom, then you need to come to terms with what happened, and let go of being attached to it. Self-forgiveness is harder to do than it sounds, but ultimately that’s where the salvation is. After forgiveness comes forgetting. You can learn this process yourself internally or not, up to you how you want to live.

        I have two dead friends one down to alcoholic and one other down to drugs. One died at early sixties and other mid thirties. They both lovely people always had time for others, you’d have liked them both. Just I guess they didn’t feel right inside, problems from the past, not strong enough to cope, no one they could trust to help and needed to take the suffering away.

        I also have two (or more) friends who’ve ruined their lives with smoking weed, and other drugs, they can’t live a normal life, they’re paranoid, and they blame everyone and everything else for their problems rather than getting better. They have memory problems, and really hard to relate to them because they don’t really listen to what your saying. Also hard to listen to them, bit like trying to have a conversation with a drunk, ok if your drunk yourself, otherwise it’s a bit, well, pointless.

        I have personal first hand experience Shaun. Endorsements from whoever and legality/illegality, are not the point in my eyes, it’s the destruction of people’s lives, through the weakening of their minds and souls via unnatural highs and fantasy living. Alcohol and weed are in some ways worse than hard drugs, because they are easier to get hold of and people don’t take them as seriously.

        I drink a beer from time to time, occasionally get drunk, but on the whole I don’t really need it or want it. The negatives outweigh the positives.

        Not perfect Shaun, made some mistakes, everyone has, but I’m a good bloke for people that treat me with respect. I’m happy enough in my life, again not perfect, but it’s similar to how I dream it to be.

        Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.


        Don Charisma

      13. Same, Shaun, I’ve learn’t a lot about myself chatting to you, you have an good way of getting me to think about things:)

        And dude really I’m sympathetic that you can’t sleep, I don’t face the day so easily when I’m overtired and exhausted, and after 3 days I’d be more than frayed around the edges !

        You gotta do what you gotta do as regards smoking that stuff, but don’t feel bad about for god’s sake. I just had a lot of bad experiences myself with others smoking it, and not the right thing for me. Live and let live?

        I went through my own process of putting the past behind me. There is another side, and I’m happy enough to be on it.

        WordPress I’m happy to be here, it’s a good community, the staff when I’ve had technical issues were so helpful and polite, what a refreshing change:)

        Keep your pecker up …

        Don Charisma

      14. We’re not that different, my sleep pattern goes haywire too, but I usually manage to get my 8 hours in somewhere even if it means catching up at the weekend.

        Gossipers need to take a long walk off of a short plank…I reckon their lives are just so boring, they have to make stuff up to stop them topping themselves…Saddos !

        Still, that’s what “news” is all about, people making up stories about stuff that happened. There’s just as many saddos that read the news as want to write it. Me, I “gave up” news few years back, happy enough without it.

        Did a couple of posts partly inspired by you whilst we’ve been chatting :

        think i sent you the anne frank one already ?


        Don Charisma

      15. Hey Shaun, Sorry for late reply, I’ve had a troll problem been trying to resolve … you ever problems with ’em?

        I do my best Shaun, enjoy helping people makes me feel good…Have a lot of plans for things I can do on web and blog, but sometimes I get stuck on other things in life, so can’t be creating inspiring stuff… sometimes I need a Charisma break too … it’s normal !

        Hope all good for you, thanks for the vid much appreciated …

        Speak soon


      16. LOL, my sleeping pattern goes haywire sometimes too, you probably wouldn’t believe me if I said it’s 8.45am here and I’m just going to bed …

        Troll as in the kind that try to wind you up by whatever means they can to get you to react … like making up stuff that never happened and playing the victim … passive aggressive I think it’s called, but I’m no psychologist or expert.

        Anyway, all is OK, think I’ll take a charisma break for a few days, peruse some non-internet/non-computer interests…



      17. PMSL … Shaun, what can I say, I haven’t laughed that hard in a couple of weeks:)

        My guy doesn’t even have the nuts to tell me himself, went behind my back and I find out by a random search for something else.

        Anyway, that’s put it in perspective … Cheers buddy …


      18. Hey Shaun,

        Initially trolls are annoying but you’ve really put it in perspective, and I learnt something valuable – you somehow have a talent for that:)

        I’m a degree graduate in Computer sciences, been around tech/computers most of my life, worked in city/swiss banks, so yes I know a few tricks, or could figure them out easily, but really it’s not worth it. People like this will come unstuck on their own, they create their own misery, and that’s probably punishment enough.

        Trolls feed on weakness and reaction, so don’t be weak and don’t react to them too much, and they tend to wither away, bit like Vinnie Jones in Snatch, Desert Eagle .50 vs REPLICA …

        I’m in two minds whether to blog about this experience, I’ll start writing something and see how I feel when I’ve finished.

        Thanks for support … how are things in bonnie-Edinburgh ?



  2. Hi Don, big congratulations! and thank you as well 😀 I do enjoy your posts and thoughts and you’ve given me some pointers along the way too

    1. Hey Ellie, my pleasure and thank you for your kind words. I wasn’t sure whether I was really for an award, but I think it’s a nice idea and gives me the chance to pass on to others that have helped me, so all good.

      Hope to stay in touch, sincerely, don charisma

      1. No problem! I have a question? How do you get the share buttons at the bottom of your posts? I’ve tried and I’m not sure if the problem is my theme or what?

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