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Google Chrome Download File Size Limit

Just a snippet, but I’ve tried multiple times to download Adobe CS6 Master Collection (6.2GB) (see link below) and also the Adobe CS6 Design & Web Prem (4.5GB).

It’s not very often I need to download files this size direct from the web, but occasionally I do, and very frustrating after waiting for hours only to receive a corrupt file

Every “successful” time, which was actually unsuccessful, the file sizes are just over 2GB and downloads were corrupt. It’s strange because I’ve found Chrome usually very reliable for downloads, in contrast to for example Internet Explorer which gave me many corrupt files – so I stopped using it.

Downloading with Firefox (or Waterfox on 64bit Windows), doesn’t seem to have this limitation, seems to work fine!

I was unable to get a definitive answer searching the web as to why chrome would have this limitation – if anyone knows why please let me know.


5 thoughts on “Google Chrome Download File Size Limit

  1. In my experience this happens with many large files though not stopping at two gs each time. I believe in my case it was just that it failed each time the internet bogged down badly enough. Ie a problem with the isp or router. They may have aggressive anti piracy measures and forgot. To whitelist adobe, your router may overheat at 2gs or the isp/phone equipment may spasm pr do maintenance every few hours. Chromes flaw is not a download limit but an inability to save state and restart downloads. So I would use a dedicated downloader, although anti piracy measures at adobe may block the stopping and starting of downloads. Find a friend with a 16 mbit connection or something and see if that gets it.

    1. The solution I found worked best with the Adobe downloads is Firefox (or Waterfox on 64 bit) … it can restart downloads and definately supports large files … I have all the Adove CS6 files I wanted now and am using Waterfox more and probably chrome a bit less.

      I couldn’t find link to your blog, what’s the address ?

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

    1. Hi there, often use FTP/SFTP for uploading large file to my cloud storage, so am familiar with and would have used for this if I could.

      I don’t have that much technical info on how to get the Adobe trials, so have had to stick with using HTTP via a browser. IE is complete rubbish for this. Chrome seems to have a limit of 2GB. Firefox/Waterfox really shined have downloaded four files > 4GB now and it even restarted the download after a reboot. So Firefox is the clear winner for HTTP large file downloads for Adobe trials.

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