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I Make Money Online, The Anatomy of a Scam

Who wouldn’t want to make money sitting at home on their computer, almost passive income ?

This I don’t believe is greed, just folks wanting to make a living for themselves and their loved ones, nothing out of the ordinary in ordinary people wanting a decent standard of living.

scam page1

I Make Money Online dot co dot uk (I don’t want to promote the guy’s site so no links), randomly appeared at the top of my Google search results, my inner entrepreneur working wonders. The “site”, erm page is a cliche marketing page which generally turns me cold, but one of the clever’ist one’s I’ve seen.


Make money online virtually no risk, £1200 per day … nice … where do I sign …


Online Casinos that haven’t thought out all the odds (don’t make me laugh!). Tells of a system for European roulette where you can win £1 virtually every time you play, explains said system in detail.

The marketeer has a lot of clever things to make you trust him …

scam facebook

157,798 people like this on facebook a couple of days ago … don’t make me laugh, 157,398 people like this now, what a crock

scam facebook2

Checking the real forward slash I make money online dot co dot uk, and how surprising only 59 real likes, presumably all the scamster’s “friends”

scam facebook page

Me and my dream car … yes I’m just like you, dreaming of a yellow Ferrari … wrong again, I’m a scammer trying to persuade you that my scam is legit.

scam car

His “system” stands up to some scrutiny and is fairly well thought out. Keep betting on red or black, keep doubling your bets, until you win. Occasionaly, every so often, you’ll lose, but basically you’ll win 99.69% of the time. So why not, win 1000 times lose 3, that’s £993 profit, right?


Wrong, dead wrong. You would win 993 times correct, a pound a go, so you’d make £993 … however each lose would be £511, so 3.1 times statistically you’d lost would cost you £1584, so it’s a net loss of  £591 I’m afraid…

What’s the How and the Why then ?

Oh My Dear God, £591 loss, not exactly “making money online” is it?

I imagine the guy who’s marketing this website is in for a cut of your losings from the casinos, at the very least he’s getting paid for every customer that signs up at each of the four casinos, I’ve heard he’ll get maybe £35-40 per signup, so multiply that by 1000 signups and yes he’s £35-40000 richer.

The scam works on many levels, there is a lot of reassurance that he’s a genuine ordinary guy with dreams just like you. The system seems to work and appears well thought out, until you look at it carefully. The little box at the end for donations for charity gives him an altruistic look, “I’m Robin Hood take from the Rich give to the Poor”. But basically this guy is just a liar and a thief.

Final note the guy has another website omg method dot com … exactly the same

So be careful out there, don’t be a cynic, but use your brain, making money is usually a little bit harder than this !

111 thoughts on “I Make Money Online, The Anatomy of a Scam

  1. This got my attention, I´ve been approached by several people about “project AWOL” which is affiliate marketing. Even got to their web site, saw the video, saw how they lived by virtually not working too much, and the 30 minutes or so video the guy explained very thoughtfully and convincingly that it is the right choice to join them. They even have videos of them giving seminars about the subject. So I guess my question to you is, is it legit? Or you can´t live only on that income or it actually requires you much more work than what they are selling you?

      1. I think the less polite one is “a fool and his money are soon parted” … I know this because I’ve often been parted with my money in foolish circumstances …

        The scheme I looked at which sounds similar was a pyramid/ponzi scheme …

        Still if you do find out how to make fortunes doing virtually nothing do let me know how 🙂

    1. Yes it’s annoying, but comes with the territory on blogging and social websites … I’ve shared my experiences on troll problem I had you might be interested –

      Conclusion I reached was that there are all kinds of people in the world that may wish us harm. Sensible thing is to be aware and learn to protect oneself as best one can.

      It is possible to switch off “Likes” on your blog if you don’t like the feature. For people following you, the only option would be to make it a private blog, and that kind of defeats the object of having a blog. That is unlikely to change, as your blog has RSS feed and people can read that without even showing up as following you. Or the could just visit your blog, you don’t know who random visitors are either.

      Warm regards

      Don Charisma

  2. Yeh making money online neh. . The Matrix, Idea realised. . The future comes with a lot of changes. . But thank goodness there are people like you to warn us. . Nice interesting post indeed. . And thank you for following my blog as well .. .

    1. Hye thanks for your message. I hope that people would learn the underlying dynamics of the scam, not just this particular one. And yes plenty of people out there wishing to take control of our brains, our job to make sure we stay free:)


      Don Charisma

    1. Hey James, yes generally you are right:) it pays to be advised of how people do scam, ignorance isn’t always bliss !

      As for working I generally agree there too. SOmetimes we get a situation where it’s easy money, but in my experience these don’t tend to last long and there is some hard work not so far around the corner.

      Lovely to hear from you and thanks for following my blog, keep in touch, Don Charisma

  3. At the local stop-lights someone had stuck a hand-drawn sign on a power pole promising to show you how to make $1,500 a week on the internet in your spare time.
    I went back the next day and attached my own sign underneath it. My sign said;
    “So why can’t you afford a better looking advertisement?”

    1. Yes, that’s a great little illustration that actually if someone is making 1500$ a week, why would they be bragging about it, and second why would they be offering to teach you. One conclusion is that they are making 1500$ a week because they charge 750$ to teach a person and they have 2 clients a week, or they charge 75$ and have 100 clients a week ?

      Keep in touch

      DOn Charisma

  4. In a recent post, we wrote about a travel scam that hooked Paul in “Best Tour Ever?” and then followed up with some lessons learned from that experience. We found some good advice on avoiding travel cons, but perhaps the best lesson of all is “Know Thyself” because the expert grifter is pretty good at identifying those weaknesses and exploiting them. Glad you avoided this one.

  5. I think people make the mistake of thinking success is easy. Everyone wants instant gratification. I have to say life just isn’t so.

    1. My positive spin on it is that we’re efficient by nature, hence wanting everything for nothing … our weaknesses do leave us vulnerable to the unscrupulous !

  6. Hi, I dropped by to thank you for following my blog and found this. Thank you for writing it. I sent it on over to my blog. In the extreme infancy of my blog–as you saw, I’m *still* an infant, I was liked by a person with a link to a scam. Basically, one sells the link to the link for $25, which then induces people, I think, I didn’t check into it any further, to buy other things. They kept sending me e-mails, and I never read them, finally went through some of my e-mails, delete, delete, and unsubscribed. At lease, that’s how I think it goes. Any, thanks. Great writing and good Blessings. Stubbs 🙂

    1. There are plenty of scammers about so pays to be vigilant, being informed helps to avoid getting suckered. Everyone who ever did a blog had a blog in infancy, it’s a wonderful time to learn and try out new ideas. WordPress seems to cope with Spam and scammers quite well, and actually a lot of the people I’ve “met” here are honest and genuine, a creative and positive force.

      Anyway, keep on with the blogging:)

      Take care


      Don Charisma

      1. You’re very welcome. I not only like to educate the public, but put worthy things on my blog. I haven’t read any more of your blog yet, but I have the feeling that more will go the way of that one. : ) Great writing and good blessings. Stubbs

      2. LOL, I’d draw you a pea with a smiling face, but I can’t use those new-fangled computer drawing programs, just the old fashioned pencil and paper. And I’m just learning that, as well…. : ) But I do a pretty darned good smiley face on the ‘puter, doncha think? ROTFL

  7. A dozen or so of these guys have subscribed to by blog, but I haven’t subscribed to theirs after visiting and seeing the too-good-to-be true horn tooting going on there. I didn’t understand how their claims could possibly be valid so figured they were either trying to sell something or it was a scam. Thank you for confirming my suspicions. Definitely good to know and AVOID.

    1. HArd to separate the wheat from the chaff, but being informed helps …I just had a bad experience with a “rent a room” website, it says free to advertise, but I should have read the small print, basically £25 if you want to actually exchange any contact details…so actually my advert is only free advertising for their website, of no benefit to me unless I want to put my hand in my pocket, which I don’t want to do, especially when I’m force to do so…so just wasted my time and effort…nevermind, will try another website, plenty more fish 🙂

  8. Desperate people are very tempted by such schemes sadly. Working is generally the best way to make money, but in this day and age, work doesn’t always pay the bills …

  9. Persistence and hardwork…bottomline is that everyone has to work. The trick is to love what you do and then it is just a fun way to make money. Thanks for following my blog. I enjoyed this post!

    1. I don’t know whether I’ve started noticing them more or because west is skint, but there does seem to be more of them about ! Thanks for the follow and visting my blog:)
      I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

    1. Hey Dawn, yes it’s sad that people use their skills in human psychology to rip people off, especially when there are plenty of honest ways to make money for good marketers. Hopefully people will be made aware from my post. I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  10. whoah this weblog is magnificent i like studying your posts. Stay up the good work! You understand, many individuals are searching around for this info, you could aid them greatly.

    1. Hey there, my pleasure … I’ve just got back from holidays, so trying to catch up on my commments !

      And I’m exactly the same, easily suckered into things that waste my life force, nevermind at least I’m learning some valuable stuff:)

      I’ve added you on my links –> friends, Cheers

      Don Charisma

  11. Excellent Topic.

    I remember getting this same Amazing “Tip” in an email once. The email I received pretended to be a confidential note sent to the wrong person, like, whoops, and lucky me. It made me cackle with glee. Had links to casinos in all sorts of faraway places. Places where even snowden would probably be safe from the arm of the law.

    The hot gambling strategy they are sharing is called a Martingale. The strategy was around more than 100 years ago (probably propagated by the casinos – as a sort of “Business Development”). And I bet its still quite believable if you have it breathed into your ear by a hot looking call girl who is allegedly the mistress of an Italian prince whose also a math genius.

    So at least these jerks do get points in my book for rebranding a classic gambling fallacy.

    Here’s the Wikipedia link:

    Ignoring the math fallacy in the strategy: what really makes me laugh is that this is gambling (Purdy stupid to start with) ON-LINE. The hot tip tells you what an advantage this is, how you can take as long as you like to figure out the perfect strategy, you’re safe in your own home to plot deviously and defeat the stupid casino. But holy moly, you are Playing against a Computer in a Virtual World and with no Nevada gaming commission to regulate, to try and keep things fair, no eyes on the physical game.

    Who is to say the online casino isn’t cooking their random generators? Who is to say they don’t program the game to string you along with petty wins just to set you up for a big loss? Looks to me like online gamers have no assurance of anything except that they’ll eventually lose their money, which I hope is the real reason this stuff is illegal in the US.

    Makes me sad that folks are suckered into this. Those casino winnings are seriously ill gotten gains from people that very likely can’t afford to lose their cash. Internet lets the scammers cast their net wide.


    PS: If the martingale description is interesting then also lookup “Gamblers Fallacy” on Wikipedia which discusses why in a fair game there is no such thing as a “run”:

    I think the world would be a better place if more people understood this stuff.

    PPS: Dude, that’s a Lambo not a Ferrari. 🙂

    1. Hey there, thanks for dropping in on my blog. That’s a very informative reply, thanks !

      I used to be a commodities trader and have worked on automated trading strategies, so am aware of Martingale. When writing a blog article for unknown exact target audience, I write to keep things as simple as possible. If I include every possible detail then article can become difficult to read and cumbersome and takes longer to write than I have time for at the moment. Keep it simple ?

      Great point about scaming the casino, who is he trying to kid, casino/house always play a rigged game – the old addage I think applies – “The House Always Wins”. They are almost certainly cooking their random number generators and yes I’d guess that they are largely unregulated, and winners I guess will get ejected from the “casino” just the same as a physical one. Also from my programming days, I remember that a “random” number in a computer isn’t “random” it’s actually a sequence. Whether or not such sequence is winnable, I do not know – probably someone somewhere studying that !

      Main reason I wrote this article is I could see an undeniable flaw in the strategy, so concrete proof that it’s a scam, not just speculation. But I guess if one looks close enough all scams must have undeniable flaws.

      It’s the more “snake” like scams that I have trouble spotting the rub, smooth salesman’s patter, fake “friendship”, fake “good person” etc … but I am studying and if I find a formula for will blog about it !

      Dude, It’s an expensive sports car, in a picture that I doubt is the real scammer’s own, that is used as a tool to say “look at me I’m doing great scamming casinos”, whilst in actually fact the sucker isn’t the casino it’s you, Joe Dumbass that’s reading his “marketing” material … Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche, Aston Martin not really the point, but thanks for the correction.

      I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

    1. Hey emma, thanks for dropping by 🙂 I figure pre-warned is pre-armed, so hopefully will help some folks understand how they are being duped !! Good luck with High heels and pink glitter:)

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  12. Thank you for dropping by and liking my page. I wonder if there will ever be a point of balance where scammers are booted off the net and legitimate opportunities come to sincere people looking for honest work

    1. Hey Maggie, I very much doubt it, people scam people everywhere all the time … they say prostitution oldest profession in the world, scamming is probably even older …

      Just have to stay sharp and positive and opportunities will come 🙂

      I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  13. Thanks for dropping by artcalling and liking my latest work.

    Am I glad that there is someone being critical of the make money quick internet hypes. I get so irritated with it, especially those urging artists to become 7 figure income entrepreneurs. They can be so sleazy, giving you tools to mine your acquaintances for cash and then pretending that it is anything other than the lowest kind of manipulation.

    I especially dislike the ones who offer you these techniques (for a price!!) then pretend they only want to help you(they don’t- they just want to make money from your insecurities), or that they are enabling you to help anyone else. It is deeply unethical and so many are blind to it.

    Well done.

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for dropping by my blog, and making contact with an expat even though we’re from different countries (UK US) and live in different countries (Holland Thailand) …

      I love the British show “Hustle” which tells of how scams work, and good to see the factors in play … I watched all the episodes because I found people were taking advantage of me, and feel the show helped me understand and be able to defend myself …

      I say what I see at the moment and blogging about stuff that’s going on in my daily life, so if I come accross any more scam stuff I’ll do a post …

      Good luck with your blog…

      I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  14. Good advice.
    Of course, there is one surefire way to make money on the internet.
    Send out lots of emails telling people that they have won money, or been given money, or are asked to take custody of money for a considerable fee, and then get them to pay some ‘initial expenses’ that can’t come out of the capital.
    People STILL fall for those, every day

    1. One born every minute I guess … when I’ve received those sorts of emails they are so badly written and “unprofessional” I can’t imagine falling for it … still I’m not perfect, so never say never !

      I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  15. Goog job informing people about this. I did one about various Work-at-home schemes a while back. So many tricks. Some of them can actually get you into legal trouble as well as take your money. Wire transfer/money laundering schemes seem to be all the rage lately.

    1. It’s a shitty state of affairs that people exploit other’s weaknesses, the only defence is for people to wise up and they do that by being told how the thing works and what buttons are being pushed … I’ve been caught out my self and it’s usually when I needed or wanted something a bit too much and didn’t ask enough questions …

      Good luck with your blog, I’m encouraged to see that your organisation is helping people, good job! I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  16. Great post! It frustrates me that there are scammers out there trying to take advantage of trusting people. It’s usually the most generous and caring people that get taken advantage of. Not everyone takes the time to think things all the way through and figure out the logic behind it. Most of the times if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

  17. Hey, Don, I figure if anyone is REALLY getting rich quick legitmately on the Internet, they are not going to share their secret and diminish their returns. The way these yahoos get rich is by getting over ten thousand bigger yahoos to pay the fee they charge to learn their ‘secret’.
    About thirty years ago, I was one of the bigger yahoos that responded to a ‘get rich working on a cruise ship’ ad in the newspaper. A catalogue with the name of various cruise companies arrived, with no job offer. It cost me $50, a lot back then.

    1. Hey, yes I’ve been taken for my fair share of rides by unscrupulous people, so empathise with you … only thing is to learn from it, and teach others what you learn’t …

      For the “I make money online” scam, I did really question why this guy would be giving away a £1200 per day secret, personally I’d have kept it quiet for fear of casinos finding out…was my first alarm bell I guess, but the real proof was that the numbers didn’t add up …

      Thanks for your comments, I’ve added you to my links -> friends, Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

    1. Online scams seems to be a hot topic, so great subject matter … I wrote this because I nearly got taken in … British show I like that’s all about scams and con-artists is “Hustle”, might be worth a look for you this is series 1, episode 1 , there are 8 series in total …

      Good luck with you blog, I’ve added you in my links -> friends

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  18. thank you. I have been reading the pages of people who “Like” my blog and was very close to trying it out. It’s nice to be reashured that resisting the temptation is the most reasonable thing to do. 🙂

  19. Yes welcome to the internet, where sammers and spam are the 99% haha. Im trying to get in the same Make Money Online field, but without all the scams. Just take the affilate route and market the products that ppl are buying. Do you know anything about that or do you not think an online income is possible?

  20. Oh yes! You just try look around and learn and find out what/ how to do something honest to earn that bit extra or even market your own work…and you end up in a circle that leads to the center of some other scam.’World wide Web of deceit’ is what its become…and it was meant to help people improve ourselves and help others do same! So annoying how it good gets so abused. You should post more of these 😀 ( I can lead you to lots…and lots! as I am sure many other folk can 😉 )

    1. Hi thanks for your comment … I really just write about what I’m doing at the moment, so if I come across another scam will write about it … Internet has become complex and annoyingly lot’s of scammers, but I hope there is still room for honest people to make a living …

      I’ve added you in my links -> friends

      Keep in touch …


      Don Charisma

  21. Sadly, there’s always someone who wants to make any easy buck at someone else’s expense. Thanks for the like and following my blog, Washington Freak Show.

  22. When I was a kid, I thought up precisely that system for my play-casino, aged probably 11 or so.
    I guess that is the oldest “system” in existence. Are you sure he gets money from the casinos? Well must be, how else would he make money.

    1. I’ve been a trader in the financial markets so I look for the problems in the risk and odds … the money system isn’t working very well at the moment for a lot of folks from western countries, myself included. It tends to be the most in need and vulnerable that get hurt the most.

      Still at least I’ve put the word out about this scam hopefully my page will get in the same search results as the marketer ehem, I mean scammer …

      Good luck


  23. Is this similar to the A.W.O.L. (you can look that up via the net)
    I don’t believe any get rich quick propositions that’s why I took the like buttons away…so no one else would get drawn in via my site.

    It’s one thing if you are selling your own product… but.
    I do not normally buy anything online anyway…

    As the saying goes ‘Buyer beware.’ And ‘If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.’


    1. Hi Jules,

      Get rich quick schemes do often end up hurting those who are most in need, so deplorable they are. I reckon there are some ways to make money quickly, but it would make sense for those that have discovered to keep it to themselves, not advertise on massively promoted websites …

      I reckon your right, it’s best to check things out that have an unusual “pull” on us, those are the things that *might* cause us to suffer later …

      All good anyway, thanks for your comment …

      Kind regards


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