Holistic Education – The Future of Modern Education?

A friend and fellow blogger shared this article with me. He raises some interesting points, and I think teaching, and thus knowing in a Holistic way would be heading in the right direction.

Something a little different for my blog today.

Ianus Christius – Thanks for sharing

Libertas Nova

(Cover Image & Source: Holistic Education @ Pragyan Niketan School)

…Eight years have passed since I first came to an idea and a goal to “open my own private school that promotes creativity and self-knowledge, but equally on secular and spiritual foundations, modern view of the ancient Greek schools like Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum”.

In those times, when I just started to write my first online blog (Croatian blog on Index.hr), I knew nothing how would this school of mine should really look like. I only knew that I was not satisfied with the modern education and the methods that are used in traditional schools today, and I wanted to change that somehow. In those times, that was just a simple philosophy that I liked to play with.

Few years later, after I had finished with my walking adventures which had a purpose to learn more…

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