Old Cape Cod – Patti Page / At The River (English Riviera Mix) – Groove Armada

My first experience of Patti Page was a sample used in Groove Armada’s “At The River”, which I really like in it’s own right. And, then double whammy, I discovered Patti Page’s “Old Cape Cod”, which I really like too.

Two entirely different genres, two great tunes, 40 years apart – 1957/1997. Patti Page has a beautiful voice, and the tune gently caresses, the double Patti at the beginning is charmingly eerie.

Groove Armada’s tune is a much more boisterous EDM, I love that old TB303 analog magic, it’s what first got me into music – analog synths, better than sex, well almost. I prefer the “English Riviera Mix”, and the shorter radio edit.

I have selected the best versions I could find on YouTube for your edutainment, and maybe enjoyment.

Old Cape Cod – Patti Page

“Old Cape Cod” is a song, written by Claire Rothrock, Milton Yakus, and Allan Jeffrey, and published in 1957. The single, as recorded by Patti Page, became a gold record, having sold over a million copies. Having been hailed by “Cape Codders” as the “unofficial Cape Cod Anthem, if ever there was one”, the song has been credited with “putting the Cape on the map” and helping to establish Cape Cod as a major tourist destination.

Source – Wikipedia

At The River (English Riviera Mix) (Radio Edit)

“At the River” is a song by British duo Groove Armada. It was released as a single in 1997 on 7″ vinyl, limited to 500 copies. The song appeared on the duo’s debut album Northern Star and again on their second album, Vertigo, released in April 1999.

Source – Wikipedia

Enjoy !


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One thought on “Old Cape Cod – Patti Page / At The River (English Riviera Mix) – Groove Armada

  1. Very nice. I love that kind of music. Hits close to home. This is reminiscent to me of the Andrews Sisters, whose music I also enjoy.

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