This blog bumped into me (in a good way). I really like the blogger and their blog, so thought I’d share. There’s some great photos, and I love how they are documenting what they are doing. Could be one to follow ?

Maybe we’ll get a guest post out of them (I have asked) … watch this space 🙂

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Union Homestead

Everywhere you look at on the Homestead the moment stuff is growing. Miss a day feeding out (everyone’s allowed a sleep-in) and it’s like the lambs have gained another couple of centimetres on their Mums

but Sapphire still towers over all

and in Goatopia, Leia’s kids are practically independent, only needing the reassurance of Mum when subjected to close attention

Sandra has the same temperament as her lovely mother, Leia

although some relish the limelight.

Meet Walt. After many buckets of tears, sulks, grumps, and finally well thought out, planned debate (prefaced with the apparently inarguable phrase, “Nikita thinks it’s a good idea!” ) Farm Girl won a freezer reprieve for this little scallywag. She’s talking about teaching him to pull a cart – as if we weren’t weird enough…

Kiki’s New Years Day babies are infants no more and we spend way to much time playing Chicken or Rooster…

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