Repost – Beach Sunset Video

(Reuploading my old videos to YouTube)

Sometimes a photo just won’t do for capturing a sunset or any other moment for that matter, so I’m experimenting with video 🙂

I shot this video of the sunset the other evening (the 11th I think) … the audio was unusable because of the wind blowing onto the microphone, so I’ve chosen a music track to replace the audio … simple selection process to find a suitable music track – the video is 3 min 42 seconds, so I grabbed a track from iTunes that was the same length …

I used a program called avidemux to replace the audio track and shrink the video from 1080p to 720p … avidemux also flips the video right way up too … taken on my iPhone 4s

I don’t think I’ll win any awards with this one, but fun to experiment.

Feb 15, 2014 at 16:47 

17 thoughts on “Repost – Beach Sunset Video

    1. LOL, I’m still learning how to “pan”, it’s really tough to keep the camera steady whilst one is doing it … fun though, I should get something daytime next I reckon …

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