Kite Surfing VS Bill Withers

It’s Kite Surfing at sunset this time, with Bill Withers 🙂

Certainly a lot of fun playing with video editing in Photoshop. Slowly getting my head around all of the possibilities, which are endless …

(Re-Uploading my old videos on YouTube)

Mar 7, 2014 at 18:46

30 thoughts on “Kite Surfing VS Bill Withers

  1. I LOOOOVE Bill Withers’ music–he can do no wrong. My favorite is “Ain’t No Sunshine” (there’s an very interesting story about the origin of the lyrics to that song), but adding Mr. Withers to kite flying and WOW!

    I “sand-surf” with my stunt kites (tethering a team of six high-wind kites, and skimming across the beach while doing aerobatics) on the beach but would love to learn how to kite-surf on water too.

    1. I’ve heard aint no sunshine sung by others, will have to look up the story … the kite surfing and playing with kites generally seems like a lot of fun … I’ve got a couple more videos to post, one of a kite on the beach, will do just as soon as I have time 🙂

      warm regards


      1. I just downloaded a trini lopez album 🙂 … kidding, it’s likely to be a house music track on the next one, but I can’t rule out the village people as yet … in the navy …

      2. I’ve danced to village people too … I’ll do one later with “If I had a hammer” … but not just now, fancy something in my favourite genre uplifting house …

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