, Don Charisma, Thailand Balcony Panorama Aug-2013

Balcony Panorama Thailand

Taken towards the end of the day, late afternoon, from a balcony position. Panorama was stitched together with PTGui software, which is one of the good ones:) There are 24 (2 x 12) individual photos taken with iPhone 4s. The pictures were taken in “portrait” orientation, with no tripod (steady hand !), Don Charisma, Thailand Balcony Panorama Aug-2013 Thailand Balcony Panorama

The second picture is an attempt to correct some of the distortions in the Panorama, with a Photoshop add-in called “Altostorm Panorama Corrector 2”. It’s quite hard to use and not sure whether I like the effect or not !

Please use the poll to vote which one you prefer., Don Charisma Thailand Balcony Panorama (Modified) Aug-2013 Thailand Balcony Panorama (Modified)

Copyright – If you’re going to reuse or distribute, please give credit to me, and link back to this page. Not because I’m a copyright freak, but because it helps me promote myself.


Oct 29, 2013 at 17:42

21 thoughts on “Balcony Panorama Thailand

      1. Part of the Philippines Sir as there are heaps of islands. Hehehe. Anyway, I will post when I can. Haven’t had the notion to do posts just yet aside from quotes and music. 😀

      2. Those photos that I have posted earlier were my shots from my excursion in Australia. Those photos from Philippines are mostly the ones with those sunsets. Haven’t posted that much of Philippines yet Sir. 🙂

      3. Sure Sir, will do. Thank you, too. It’s a reminder for me in a way, I’ve had photos posted from other country but not much from where I am. 🙂

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