Night Markets Of Thailand – Leslie

Thanks to Leslie for sending over her new tune for us to enjoy …

This is the final round of guest posts in my Team Charisma World People series.

Leslie’s been a reader and contributor to the Don Charisma blog pretty much I think since she started blogging. She’s always “upbeat” and a talented jazz musician …

Leslie – thanks very much for taking part, I really like what you came up with. And thanks also for being a friend and consistent contributor to the Don Charisma blog.

What it’s about :

Topic : Night markets in Thailand
Title : “Night Markets Of Thailand”
Type : Solo music (and video) production inspired by Don Charisma’s photography
Guidance : The instruction was to pick a photo of mine and “create” with it. So, solo “unaided” creativity.

So without further ado, I give you Leslie’s awesome music video :

“Night Markets Of Thailand” by Leslie

by Leslie swo8

Music Means Something – swo8

Thanks Leslie, for sharin – I hope you’ll continue to enjoy success in your music 🙂

Don Charisma

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