The Sun Will Always Rise – Matt

Thanks to Matt for sending his creative writing over for us to enjoy …

This is the final round of guest posts in my Team Charisma World People series.

Matt appeared one day, and I haven’t as yet been able to get rid of him (ONLY KIDDING) … He’s one of my favourite commenters here and someone I consider a friend. A guy with a very big heart and considering the challenges he’s faced, one of the strongest people I know.

Matt – You really took on the challenge of creative writing and made it your own. A spiritual journey right there in 200 words !

I very much appreciate you taking part, as do I your friendship and support, past present and future …

What it’s about :

Topic : Life experience, human spirit, impermanence and of course creative writing.
Title : “The Sun Will Always Rise”
Type : Solo creative writing inspired by Don Charisma’s photography
Guidance : The instruction was to pick a photo of mine and write about it. So, solo “unaided” creative writing.

So without further ado, I give you Matt’s guest post :

“The Sun Will Always Rise” by Matt


As i sit on the warm sand of the beach at dusk, salty sea scented air wafts over my face, carried off the waves by a gentle breeze, squinting out over the ocean at the horizon, i cannot help but feel a mild depression wash over me like the frothing waves lapping at the shoreline beneath me. The sun is setting. The red disk, hazy, but still visible shining through the thin clouds, sinks lower and lower towards the horizon, and my heart sinks with it, for it reminds me of ends, failures, the coming darkness, and even death. I mourn that we must lose this great fireball’s warmth and radiant light, if even only for several hours. So I mourn, I mourn that our hearts and minds cannot be illuminated by this enormous ball of energy 24 hours a day. My eyes sting as a single tear begs to squeeze itself thru my eyelid to make the short trip down my cheek to freedom. I cannot say what exactly has brought such feelings to come over me, perhaps it was the sight of that poor calico flattened against the road, perhaps it was my knowledge that the moon would not shine brightly tonight, and tonight would likely be as starless as the night before, a truly black night, perhaps not, most likely i will never pinpoint the exact cause of these emotions. But my grief is short-lived for i soon realize, all the things this particular sunset reminds me of, are not permanent. Because things change, nothing ever stays the same. For every failure there is a success, for every tragedy, there is a bit of knowledge to be gleaned, for every death, there is life, for every end, there is a beginning, for every night, a day, and for every sunset, a sunrise. And so i hold this knowledge close to my heart, that the sun will always rise.

by Matt Hankey

About me: My name is matt hankey im a 19 year old in the U.S. Ive been fighting to recover from a stroke since i was 16, now with little insured therapy. im sorta new to blogging, my blogs mostly just my thoughts and feelings day to day but i will start featuring more creative pieces like this, my URL is :

Personal Blog Of Matt Hankey

Thanks Matt, for sharing, I hope you will continue to grow in your writing and in your spirit 🙂

Don Charisma

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