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Woman stabs boyfriend for not liking Instagram selfie fast enough

It’s an amusing story, thanks for a very good laugh 🙂 Whatever next, not liking quickly enough on Instagram grounds for justifiable homicide ?

Within that, Cosmo reports this ever so slightly differently – or at least that’s the lady in the photo …

13 thoughts on “Woman stabs boyfriend for not liking Instagram selfie fast enough

  1. Oh Shoot! Someone’s totally outta their gourds, if this REALLY did go down! Did it??? Whatever was she thinking?! Oh Wow! 🙉

    Plus, this ‘first to like’ craze; I think is totally spazzy! I see it everywhere like its a race against time type-thing and some sorta trophy will be handed you after all said, done and ‘liked’….pretty laughable stuff! Stupidity has never been more rife in this world, as much as its being experienced in this age! Thanks for sharing Don! 👉

      1. Long on suspicions and short on hard core evidence I’ll say! 😈😆

        Fiction it is then Don! Its just gotta be, I’ll have it no other way, nuh-uh! 😂😂😂

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