Never let yesterday use up too much of today.

«Never let yesterday use up too much of today.»

— Will Rogers quotes are sponsored by – you dream it we built it … because – “anything is possible with Charisma”

5 thoughts on “Never let yesterday use up too much of today.

  1. I wondered when you would give us a quote from Will Rogers. What a wit! I would have liked to see a conversation between him and Mark Twain. THAT would have been something!

  2. Being a management type, on those fun occasions; I have the joy of being able to counsel employees for their heinous acts of terror.

    A lot of them are champs at deflecting the problem. Sure I was drinking on the job and drove into a pond but let me tell you about what was done to me!

    I amazed at how much some people live in the present being upset about some act that occurred ten years prior. If it bothers you so much then why did you not act years ago!

    You will never change the past so focus on now and the future.

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