Loy Catong 'Catongs'

Catongs – Loy Catong Festival

Loy Catong is one of the two big festivals in the year in Thailand in November. The Catong is a small decorative “boat”, that’s set adrift on a body of water such as the sea. The Catong is adorned with flowers, incense and a candle.

Sometimes they are made out of bread, but ours had a base made out of some kind of very ‘floaty’ wood, cut into a chopping board around 2 inches thick. I guess the whole thing about the size of a 15-18 inch pizza.

To buy one cost 150 Thai Baht, £3 UK or maybe $4.50, I think the smaller ones would have been cheaper.

Then you take it down to the water. Next time I’d bring my own tea light candle, as there was a breeze across the sea and the tall candles provided, basically just blow out. Anyhow, light the incense, light the candle.

Before setting the Catong adrift, one holds it and says a little prayer, for happiness and ‘luck’ in life. Friends and partners can do this together.

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

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