I’m Gonna Be A Dad

Well, not literally … this young lady has decided to nest on my balcony …


She’s from her size it seems an immature pigeon, and the fact that she chose a balcony occupied by humans to nest on … still she’s safe with me, I don’t eat pigeons !



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31 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Be A Dad

  1. About a decade ago, we sealed-off our attic from squirrels, pigeons and rats only to find afterwards a just-hatched pigeon.
    It was all eyes and beak with just hairs for feathers. I thought I’d do my best to keep her alive and did. Her name was So Sweet, as she was, and I raised her from squab, to junior, to fledgling and finally to a young adult, who on Fathers’ Day took her first flight with the flocks of pigeons in our rustic ‘hood.
    I was sad, but realized this day would come and was also joyous when she took off. But the next morning she was hovering outside the window wanting in and thus became a bonded friendship as she lived with us with the freedom to fly about the house and outside if she wished.
    These are not flying rats, they are flying angels filled with love – Tesla knows of what I speak.

  2. Aw, she a cutie! Is she a good Mom? Are you providing some seed or crumbs for her so she doesn’t have to leave her egg to hunt for food? Proud Papa!

    1. They hatched by now and I can honestly say, I’m not sure … I’m not very good at telling who babies will look like, I’ll get back to you on that when they’re a little older …

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