Camp Ronald McDonald

Here’s camp Ronald McDonald sitting outside the restaurant.

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

10 thoughts on “Camp Ronald McDonald

  1. Ron looks quite at home in Thailand.
    Whatever one thinks of the restaurant food, the Ronald McDonald Houses that provide free housing for families of children undergoing difficult and lengthy medical treatment is admirable.

    1. He’s happy enough pretty much anywhere in the world I think … I don’t personally have anything against McD’s, yes there food is pretty rubbish, but at least it’s reliably rubbish whereever you go 🙂

      I’d hope McD corporation would be doing some things for charity, they are after all one of the richest corporations in the world …

    1. LOL … certainly some truth there … being mostly vegetarian, easy to agree on those lines alone … however I’ve had some OK meals in McD’s, veggie burgers there aren’t a taste explosion or anything that I think is particularly “good for me” … it’s a meal, that didn’t kill me, lived to tell the McD’s experience …

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