“Creativity means believing you have greatness” – Why ? – Don Charisma’s Prompt

I’m often curious as to why sometimes my readers don’t comprehend my quotes the same way that I do. Language, differing cultures and other factors come into play.


There’s plenty of interesting conversations I’ve had – “devils advocate” is quite fun or who knows I might even clarify what I think it means … depends really on how questions are worded and from whom … occasionally I disagree with my own quotes, just to spice things up …

I posted this quote by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer :

«Creativity means believing you have greatness.»

— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

And two people asked me “Why?” … very good question, I’m sure plenty of creatives have many answers to that question … For me, it makes an interesting writing prompt.

So write away to your heart’s content – in the comments here, on your own blog or do a reblog, whatever suits … pingback me if you’re writing on your own blog.


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55 thoughts on ““Creativity means believing you have greatness” – Why ? – Don Charisma’s Prompt

  1. I believe creativity comes from confidence. And greatness follows as people recognize the creativity, which adds to the confidence. Kind of like a loop. I think the hardest part of creativity is to believe and push forward even when the greatness is not recognized. I admire determined creators that believe in what they are doing. I think they are great.

  2. Creativity and charisma are powerful combination to greatness it must have an originality and novelty that speaks volume of yourself not derived from others going along with the crowd will not make you great you must stand out even when what you value is differrent from others that what makes great men. They are unique, differrent and misfits

      1. you’re a psychic then I have a bit of that ability I guess lol I have a feeling we can get along too well . I like your teachings it always coincide with my lifes ideals

  3. Good question. I’ve always felt like creativity was like breathing…it just happens all the time you get bombarded with images, phrases, ideas…but then, though some people are very shy and keep their creative output secret (fun fact: I used to be scared to show anyone anything I made…), MOST of us also like to share what we do with the world. We want our creations to be seen. So that must mean a belief of, if not greatness, at least a sense of worthwhileness, that we have done something that may be of enjoyment or value to someone somewhere.

    Artists can also torment ourselves if we are unhappy with the way a work is coming out. Or be happy with it one day and the next time they look at it pick out a millions flaws. In ancient Greek there was the idea of the “daimonic” – a supernatural external force that compels a human to action, and the idea of “genius” was something that visited and overtook them…”daimonos” is a precursor to the modern word “demon” which may be why vcreative mode feels like possession. 🙂

    1. Fascinating Jenny, I didn’t know that about demons … thanks for enlightening … I think creativity for me happens more and more flowingly when I’m feeling “great” … so this is why I think the guy got it spot on …

  4. Reblogged this on Not so Magical Adventures and commented:
    This is a great mental exercise for the creative person.
    Do you believe you have greatness when you create?

    I do. Well… I touch greatness, bring it into myself and put it on canvas or paper. I may not feel that I am great, but rather that I am a part of something greater and it will come out in the work.

    This is a common sentiment among the comments for this post on doncharisma.com. It makes me wonder if the majority of the art community feels that way. The artist is not great, but the work is.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

  5. this is really a good question. i know i am highly creative but still i never feel and believe that there is some greatness within. i always feel myself alienated, i don’t talk much neither do i have so many friends, i prefer to sit quietly. i think greatness is just a feeling and i dont know how to feel it. i really dont know.
    there are so many people around who says that they are great and they believe in it as well, but i dont think that they are creative either in any way. may be they are proud, or may be they are great.

  6. I also somewhat disagree with the quote – but believing you have greatness is what is necessary to get your creations out to the world, in order for them to recognize the creativity – and the greatness.

  7. I don’t know really if people who is creative think they have greatness. I remember when I was teenager that I used to wrote very beauty but sad poems (I didn’t think it, it said it my parents because they liked my poems but at the same time they are worried because of my sadness) because I was really sad and I didn’t knew what to do with my feelings, but nowadays I remember that in this moment I was sad because it happened something terrible to me but before that I had been very happy. May be creativity isn’t about thinking that you have a greatness, but because you live something that it “shake” you and also something inside you.

  8. if you believe you are inherently full of greatness it opens up the universe to possibilities of creativeness in your life …creating beauty, creating peace, creating happiness, creating anything and everything you want- to be who you truly are. that is what I read in this quote.

  9. I think in order to be creative you have to have some sort of confidence. If you are not excited and purposeful about what you are doing it simply wont get created. When I sew I have to be deliberate about focusing. Sometimes the creativity comes easy and it doesn’t feel like I did any work at all. Other times I really have to push myself along to complete something. When I create i dont feel as though I am great but, what I am doing is what is so great.

  10. It’s an interesting discussion about a provocative quote. I accept that I am creative as I write, paint and sing. But I lack self-belief or any assumption about “greatness”. Indeed, I am always surprised when people speak well about something I’ve done. Don Charisma reblogging me was a terrific moment. But, lots of the time, I feel unworthy of the terrific things that happen to me. I feel lucky and I always strive to help others. But “greatness”?

    1. Seems like a semantic understanding of what greatness is … and yes self-belief, most could do with more of that …

      Your post found me two of my favourite movies, possibly more, so praise where it’s due GReer 🙂

  11. All creative persons (I think) feels that they carrying a sort of greatness. Not in the narcissistic way. It’s more a soul thing. When you create and get in the flow moments you feel a greatness, a bigger thing than your self, you just tag along with something divine and do great art, music or writing words for example. Maybe that’s what the quote is about. The creative greatness, which more than one person get joy from.

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