Blue Peter Sunset

I’m 15000 photos integrated into my Lightroom catalogue, only another 40000 to go ! This sunset from last year stood out as being one of the most amazing I’ve seen.


So I stitched together a panorama in Photoshop specially for double millennium posts day !

Bonus points will be awarded to anyone who can tell me why I chose that title. Clue – You’ve got no hope of getting it unless you’re from UK !



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29 thoughts on “Blue Peter Sunset

      1. I’d guess most people don’t have an authentic blue peter badge … still who cares, life still has plenty of opportunity for those of us who “aren’t worthy” 😉

      2. Not relevant here so can remove this….. but how did u get on with morganti? And the presets? I couldn’t find where to mail you.

      3. Just left you a msg on your about page, should have my email address in it … I’ve been flat out picking 55000 photos into my lightroom catalogue, along with work stuff, so haven’t had much a chance to check out anything else …

        Presets would help to know from someone who’s been down that road already 🙂

      1. I actually saw that show online once. I also did some research and found that there was a phrase for sailing that told about when to load the ships to sail and it was similar…maybe part of where the kids show originated since it has a sailing ship in the emblem.

        I need to study better things that are from the U.K. though such as relaxing at a pub. More up my alley!

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