Becare Full The Froll Dow Be Unjuert !!!!!

Bit of a comedy photo … I can’t give an exact translation to the pigeon English at Family Mart … However it refers to the fact that there’s a step immediately inside the door …



Presumably unsuspecting customers walk in and fall flat on their face !

Roughly translated – “Be careful the fall down, be unhurt” ?

Family Mart staff don’t tend to be able to speak much English … 7-11 seem to have staff that tend to speak better English … So I generally have a preference for 7-11 !



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10 thoughts on “Becare Full The Froll Dow Be Unjuert !!!!!

    1. I’m slowly learning Thai, currently learning the Thai Alphabet, which is a challenge to say the least … preferred the conversation classes actually, but one has to make the best 🙂

  1. It’s almost if they did a phonetic translation. Although, to be honest, when I first read that, it looked like Dutch… Still their English is much better than my Thai, LOL!

    1. I’d say that’s pretty much what happened, the writer presumably can recognise the sound of the characters but not able to construct the words in their correct spellings … and yes probably true for me too, my thai is terrible !

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