Classic Vs Beep Beep Boop Editor – Poll

I just came across this, already over 3000 people have voted … not that I’d want to bias your vote, most of you are capable of making your own choices, but I chose – “No. I hate the new editor. It’s defective. It should be scrapped.” …


Current results of now (6-Apr-2015) :


Quite overwhelming 76% against “Beep Beep Boop”, and this mirrors the strength of feeling I’ve seen in the forums …

Link is here – Classic Vs Beep Beep Boop Editor – Poll

Whether WordPress will listen of not, I’d say is largely down to money already invested in the new editor and loss of face in having to back down … so I’m sceptical it’ll make any difference, but who knows, maybe some sense will be seen …

As a compromise, I’d be happy for both editors to coexist, with the rationale that Beep Beep Boop might be better on mobile devices, which has got to be a positive reason for it existing … I can only imagine how fiddly it is to post a post on an iPad or iPhone on the classsic editor … BUT at the end of the day I don’t specifically need the new editor, and I don’t like it, and I don’t like that we’re being coerced into using it, so I voted NO.


Don Charisma

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25 thoughts on “Classic Vs Beep Beep Boop Editor – Poll

  1. The new editor won’t show any text on my final post that I copy/paste into it. On my phone, I type all my posts in notepad before copy/pasting them to the editor and on my computer, I use a word processor to write, then copy/paste to the editor.
    So, in essence, the new editor has made it impossible for me to blog the way I grew used to over two years.
    I’d definitely rather there be choices, but like most online platforms, I doubt they care.

    1. Hear you pain 🙂 and yes it’s really interesting watching how all this is panning out … I’m currently exclusively using the “classic” editor, I just didn’t like anything about the new editor … isn’t the only blogging or social platform, Google+ sends more traffic for much less work … However I like WordPress as a FULL publishing platform, over Google+ and the community here’s pretty cool too …


      Don Charisma

  2. I cannot stand the new editor. I’ve posted in the forums and gone back and forth. I have problems with posting responses to comments and that they time out before posting. They kept telling me it’s my iPad or my iPhone but it happens everywhere I keep telling them. It happens on the computer etc. Then they asked if it’s my internet. Hellooooo….I keep telling them it’s their new format. Ever since they implemented it, I’ve had problems. It makes me not want to be here anymore. It’s so frustrating to keep posting over and over…sometimes I just give up. Then it makes me realize how much time I spend doing this and if it’s even worth it. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

    1. Hear you pain Laura, and there’s plenty of other who feel the same way … I think they have been premature at forcing us to use it, maybe they’ve learnt their lesson … maybe not …

      There are workarounds to use the old classic editor, read the comments, I explained already to another commenter …

      1. I use the classic everything. What is ironic is that they need to do everything to keep our addictions up lol. It’s the foundation of word press to communicate and if we can’t do that, what do we have? Crazy. Hope you’re doing well Don. Besides all this that is. 😉

  3. Din, I’m sure you know this but I’m putting it out there for those who don’t. There us a way to reliably continue using the old editor, at least for now. Bring up your dashboard. Click Posts. When the page wit ALL of your posts comes up click new at the top of the page. A new page will open up in the old editor. As far as I know this is the ONLY way to access it without going through beep beep boop first. Hope this helps somebody.

    1. Yes there are quite a few different ways actually. I chose the simplest which is to get into my Dashboard in my browser on my desktop (or laptop) using

      If I want to edit a post, then I use “Posts –> All Posts” and then either use the “Published”/”Drafts” etc or the search facility and use the “Edit” link underneath the post.

      Same for add a post except I use “Posts –> Add New”

      A member has posted how to do the more complicated ways here –

      I was toying with the idea of showing people how to make their own page on their own blog, to access these links directly, just hadn’t got round to it yet !

      Hope that helps 🙂


      Don Charisma

  4. I value choice. There are people and circumstances for which the new editor is preferable. Judging by the responses, I suspect they have not seen the poll. I was, though, surprised that only 6% of respondents are sufficiently open-minded to realise that what is good for them is not necessarily what is good for everyone.

    1. I’m the same, but not “Hobson’s choice” … I think WP will keep the classic editor, for quite some time as there’s plenty that is not usable in the new editor, and the classic editor is what’s shipped with …

      Not sure about the biases on the poll, you’d have to do your own research on that !

      1. I do my post-building on PC or Mac, never on my Windows tablet and certainly not on my phone. I have applied the scripts that force the classic editor. I only use because I suffered repeated hacks on the sites I was self-hosting, and decided to let some other bugger worry about security etc. If that makes me a bad person, one thing I have learned from almost a decade living in France is a well-practised gallic shrug!

    1. I think you can post videos directly with upgrade (videopress) … and the upgrade also allows changing fonts …

      I had some disappointing experiences with Videopress in that video previews weren’t shown in the reader, where youtube previews where … and personally, I just use the fonts that are in the theme … you can also change the fonts with the upgrade … wordpress premium $99 …

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