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34 thoughts on “Pancakes Thai

      1. Dairy like milk and cheese just isn’t as popular in Asia … I think Dairy is metabolised in a way that generates heat, which is needed in colder countries not in hot ones … the other theory I heard is that a lot of Asians are lactose intolerant, but not sure about that …

      2. Thats true for the east coast of the US, where im from, but out west where i live it kinda sucks, cuz all the italians live on the east coast!haha

      3. I’ve only really been in NYC, Connecticut, Washington City, and Ohio … my pizza recollections from NYC and Connecticut … NYC “deli” pizza and delivery pizza in Connecticut 🙂 … both tasted pretty awesome actually …

        Oh, and there’s some yank pizza companies in UK and Asia, quality varies from chain to chain …

      4. My experiences were largely positive with yank pizza, it’s fair to say … pasta also most non-Italians should take a cooking lesson off of real Italians 🙂

    1. I’m working on capturing “buzz” in photos, markets are a great place lively and vibrant … I think my girlfriend goes to them just for the atmosphere !

      1. The closest we have in Southern California are farmer’s markets, which show up in parking lots for a few hours once a week or so. The best places to get fresh fruit and veggies, honey, bread, flowers, but nothing like the open air markets in Thailand, or so I surmise by your photos. The LA Farmer’s Market is noted for its longevity, its clock tower, and its array of goods from meats and fish to jewelry to street entertainment. We used to go but I hate the traffic I have to travel to get there.
        Thanks for all the lovely pictures of Thailand.

      2. You’re welcome Sharon and thanks for sharing … the markets have the best selection and prices, although it’s cheaper if you let a Thai person do the shopping as they like to charge “fallang prices” to white faces … I’m enjoying places where I can go and photograph people doing what they’re doing, like markets and need to go to more events which are often vibrant and full of amazing shots …

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