LA BOCCA – Pizzeria And Trattoria Italiana

Stefano and Tommy own and run “La Bocca”. Which is blessing for me, because they are my local Italian restaurant, and they do AMAZING pizzas … and everyone knows Pizza is the food of the gods !

I asked Stefano if he wouldn’t mind me taking some photos of his restaurant – he said it helps them to promote, so yes why not. I randomly turned up and ordered a couple of takeaway pizzas, and started shooting with the permission of the manager. Sadly Stefano and Tommy weren’t due until the evening, and I was hungry and wanted to take advantage of the afternoon light … so no photos of “the guys” … next time 🙂

La Bocca’s pizzas are VERY good and very authentic. I know this having eaten Pizza in both Italy and Sardinia, and authentic pizzerias in London. Italians make the best pizza in the world, no debate, no contest.

So rather than me waffle on, the photos tell the story and showcase what is one of my favourite restaurants and probably the best pizza that I can buy locally – well, it’s WAY better than ALL the others I’ve tried …

253 photos shot in around 12 minutes whilst my pizza was being lovingly prepared and baked … happy days !

Stylish bold lettering on the glass front …

Dining al fresco – It’s French for eating outside !

The manager preparing for the evening’s diners …

A diner’s eye view …

The waiter’s area and plenty of wines !

Another diner’s eye view …

The specials board and mural …

Chilled beer glasses, how cool is that !

Cheese cake with ice cream … delish !

Finally got a smile out of the chef !

Wood fired oven reflections on black granite …

Doughetry in motion …

Damn, caught another smile, but not in focus … nevermind the oven’s sharp and the pizza base is flying !

Nice “younger” wine selection …

Pretty glassware …

Nice “vintage” wines … didn’t ask the price, but I’m guessing a 1943 bottle of anything wine wise IS VERY EXPENSIVE !

“Traditional” Italian toy, now serving as decoration …

My pizza ready to be cooked, can’t wait !

My pizza cooking 🙂

Mezzanine dining area …

Mezzanine diner’s eye view …

“Aerial” view from mezzanine …

Mural and specials viewed from mezzanine …

Waiter’s eye view …

Main kitchen …

Front desk … and YAY! my pizza being bagged up ready to go 🙂

Buddha blessing macro above the front desk …

Soccer crazy Italians !

Pizza cutter dude macro …

Baby sharps macro …

Waiter’s “toolkit” …

Mural perspective corrected …

Panorama 1

Panorama 2

I was so hungry by the time I got home, I forgot to photograph the pizza … it was of course ABSOLUTELY delicious 🙂

It took me around 8 hours to pick and do all the edits, so a labour of love really … but I really enjoyed doing this project as it’s a good looking restaurant with much beauty to photograph 😀 … who knows maybe I’ll win a year’s free pizza, stranger things have been known … no, but, seriously I didn’t do it for that, I love the pizza and the guys are always friendly and have a chat …

What I’ve posted is just a fraction of the 71 photos I picked out of the 253 taken … so I have a question for you dear reader :



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39 thoughts on “LA BOCCA – Pizzeria And Trattoria Italiana

    1. Yup, using lightroom 5 … I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so a lot of my edits might not be essential, and I work with subtle things like correcting lens distortion … overall these things hardly matter, but I enjoy knowing that I have a full toolkit available to suit every photographic occasion 🙂

      1. Ok cool. I was only asking as I’ve learnt it this trip when I was wasting my life with PSE 10. Check out Anthony Morganti’s videos, they pie hot. Regardless of how your skills are he’ll defo improve your workflow. Presets are the bomb!

      2. I switched to LR 5 last year, from PS. I wouldnt say there’s any waste in learning PS, it’s a lot more powerful than LR., LR is designed around organising a collection of photos, PS is editing and design software. I use a couple of presets, occasionally, but prefer more subtle effect of using basic controls like contrast and shadows and highlights.

        The main issue I’ve had with LR is the learning curve and getting my collection organised. But once one’s developed a system, then it’s much better than a bunch of folders and PS !

      3. Totally agree. I find the presets I’ve created a good starting point, before finely tuning the shot. As I suggested check out Tony, he’s the man. Hundreds of videos there and they all Freeeeee )))))))

      4. Make your own. Edit a photo as u want. Click + next to preset in lhs menu. Then apply that to any photo. Or multiply with sync.

    1. Thanks, and yes they are good guys and nice food … favourite place close by is awesome … and yes pizza, well, I’m more on than off most of the time !

  1. This restaurant looks very good Don 😀
    My favorite pizzeria is in Denmark and is also Italian and have existed since I was a kid, which means many years.
    I can’t like your post from my Android today :-/

  2. Wait, wait a minute! I’ve been scratching all over the monitor but I don’t think this is a scratch and sniff blog – darn!

    (Really, you did an outstanding job on this photo story!)

    1. Thanks Sharon … and yes wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share more in detail like sounds and smells … closest I could get is video, but I do in some ways prefer still 😀

  3. YES, the food of the gods! I like it cold for breakfast. My favorite pizza is made in a small restaurant called Ernie’s in North Plymouth, MA – yes, very Italian!

    1. Jason – you’re a gentleman and a scholar … thanks for that, and nothing offensive in the read, just the story of 15 minutes I spent in the restaurant and the hours I spent editing … It’s one of the first major tests of my new camera, and it performed very well 🙂

  4. The best pizza I have ever had was in Rochester, Kent (UK), and I have eaten pizza all over Italy! But, as you say Don, the best are made by Italians, and the pizza place I used to go to was authentic Italian opened, designed and run by a genuine old Italian. Sadly he passed away about 10 years ago , so it is no more.

    1. I’ve had some pretty awesome Pizzas too back home in UK … Americans come second on Pizza making, I can still remember a slice of New York pizza, many many moons ago 🙂

      1. Noms… You mean you do not know noms?!
        Om nom nom nom – noms. Yum food. 😀
        AND – super pictures Don! Really good looking place. I am sure you have done it immense justice. Truly not the kind of place I would expect to see there, so an education too.
        PLus – wouldn;t I just love to go park off there for a while with that aroma and a glass of red whilst awaiting my – noms. 😉

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