Totally Spectacular Sunset

This was taken this evening just passed, with my new camera … we’re having some awesome sunsets the last few days … it’s got to do with cloud cover, which has to do with humidity I think … ie it’s been more humid and rainy recently.

I prefer to take them on the beach, but haven’t been able to get out due to having flu, so this one taken off of my balcony … dunno how I’ve kept going today, combination of determination and tablets the pharmacy gave me … sleep time for me now …

Enjoy 🙂



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21 thoughts on “Totally Spectacular Sunset

      1. that’s a good idea… and you are right.. people can jut grab our images online

  1. I love a good sunset. I took some brilliant photos of sunsets while in South Africa I’ll see if I can dig them out 🙂

  2. I LOVE sunsets! This is a particularly gorgeous one. Very dramatic. I love the golden glow. Well done 🙂

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