REBLOG – Me (Triptych)

Reblogging this as part of my “Photography Reblog Day”

Last one of this special day …

This one I wasn’t expecting, but cool and different never-the-less. What I most like I think is that most guys wouldn’t share their face in a facemask, would be too embarrassed, so worth a reblog just for that 🙂

Props Aaron for blogging something different and not being a cliche – creative magic pill right there, bloggers you could learn a thing or two from this guy 🙂

Thanks Aaron for sharing 😀

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A North Hare Arts

Me (Triptych) – Aaron Horeth (A North Hare) Various Sizes Photography My girlfriend and I were trying a facemask, it’s really fun. It made my face all tight and fresh feeling (I highly recommend trying it). I liked the way it made my face look. So I HAD to pose for the camera. My girlfriend (Kimberly Pitzrick… over here) took the pictures for me! I may have manipulated the first one (just a little bit), it just needed to look more devilish! Reminder: Facemasks are not a gender specific thing, I use them all the time!

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