Censorship In Action – The Awful New WordPress Editor

You certainly do need a good sense of humour in the WordPress.com support forums … hypocrisy, censorship, infighting … you can see it all there on any given day … more like a schoolyard than a forum for grown up people …


I just had my comment deleted in the forums – for simply factually stating my opinion about the new WordPress editor, and the conversation they’d had about it. Up until that point I didn’t have a particularly strong feeling about it either way, but delete my comment, censor me, and I sure do start having a strong opinion.

The “Beep Beep Boop” new quote ‘improved’ editor, simply isn’t improved. AND MANY PEOPLE HAVE COMPLAINED ABOUT IT. It’s a big deal in the forums and people keep on opening threads. I don’t really understand why WordPress don’t listen, and continue to try to railroad people into using it. For instance :


https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/please-reinstate-the-option-of-choice-to-use-the-old-publishing-format (the post my comment was deleted from) … nearly 1000 comments !

It now seems they are CENSORING comments from people (like me) who don’t like the new editor, in order to presumably shut up people … and then CLOSING THREADS SO NO ONE ELSE CAN COMMENT … CENSORSHIP is NOT COOL, guys …

I’ve been bad-mouthed, defamed and slandered in the forums plenty of times and was told by staff – essentially “freedom of speech” when they refused to remove VALID code of conduct violations. So it seems they protect the freedom of speech of others but not mine … when did I lose my right to say what I want, whilst others gained the right to lie about me in public ? NOT COOL, either guys …

The new editor is like a cut down version of the previous editor, the “classic editor”, so I’m getting less instead of more. Plus they’ve starting changing buttons so I end up in the new editor when I don’t want to be … the only possible reason I could see for any benefit in the new editor is for mobile devices, like iPad/iPhone/etc but – don’t we have an app for that ?

And CENSORSHIP in the WordPress.com support forums … I can’t hardly believe it … or perhaps I can – I do have a sense of humour at the end of the day – I wouldn’t blog without it 😀

“You’ve gotta laugh or else you’d cry” a friend once said 🙂

I’m interested to hear your opinions actually on both the forums and the new quote ‘improved’ (crappy/awful/rubbish) editor.


Don Charisma

PS If you want to FORCE the use of the old classic editor, instead of the new one – then instructions have been posted here, but be warned it is a bit ‘technical’

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50 thoughts on “Censorship In Action – The Awful New WordPress Editor

  1. I prefer the classic editor. But it’s not because the new editor is complicated or anything. There’s no resistance to change, that is if it’s for the better. But the new editor lacks features that are there in the classic one and it takes more time to fully load up.

    I have posted once in the WP Forum regarding the inability to crop a photo directly in WP to use it as Header image. There was no response, and yet it was close without even an automated email notifying me so. I had found a solution, more like a reason, myself and went there to reply to my own enquiry, and that’s when I found out that the thread has been marked “closed”.

  2. Big industry has been pushing it since about 04 or 05 but now Google is forcing things to be for mobile only or they won’t rank you and many people on Google Product Forums are wondering why their website is vanishing from their *rank* system with little to no replies.

    Word Press is simply going with the demands and the US Government has gotten involved and wants things to be phone only for national security reasons because people can be spied on if they are all tied onto one network especially if it’s government approved phones.

    Even most track phones you buy that don’t have the newer spying technology built in are refurbished and are actually quite old but they still work because they were built better then today’s smart phones that can do everything from watering your lawn to charging your little Obama car.

  3. You can thank the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy that makes the mega corporations that run these sites act so stupid to do stuff like like use akismet which is basically a bot for stopping spammers but fails. http://www.hurricanesoftwares.com/are-you-banned-by-akismet-for-spaming/

    They have been rolling in the dough while they throw us peasants the left overs whenever they feels like it.

    To quote: “Badges we don’t need no stinking badges!” Is generally how they view the world and run most of the blog services since they got bought out. You really think WP And Disqus is still independent like it’s early hay days? Your in for a wild ride then! Yee Haw!

    There is a group of Globalists which I call Glow Bull Ist because they are so full of themselves and use whatever political party that is on the winning side to steal from you. They can and will cross vote if it comes to it.

  4. Oh thank u so much for this post. I really dislike the new wordpress editor. Something better or improved on the new editor?! NO way it is uncomfortable and so “hipster like” ewww 😀 Hope wordpress will think about it again. Best regards Eva

    1. You’re welcome, and mostly you have to thank the staff moderator for censoring my comment, without that I probably wouldn’t have posted …

      It seems there’s plenty who don’t like the new editor, hopefully wordpress will find a way for the classic and the new editors to exist and carry on using them harmoniously 🙂

      1. I think WP and others have joined the “mobile first mobile only” which dumbs the overall experience down to match phone apps as they assume not only everybody has one but that’s all they use.

        That’s what some business banker in a rich suit said and they took his word as the gospel truth.

  5. No I don’t like the new editor, thought it was just me actually – not liking change – but seems I’m not alone. I can still switch back to the old one though, no problem.

    1. Yup, for now the classic editor is still there … I don’t know if they’ll try to remove it or not … and no definitely not just you, plenty of others don’t like it either …

  6. Not cool at dull and I do not like the new editor and all these changes. A few at first was fine but now. Grrr if blogspot was more community oriented. It is so uncomplicated. But I missed my community here

  7. I don’t see any improvements, myself, and I gave it a fair shake. It’s less intuitive, more difficult to navigate and, quite frankly, uglier. I don’t get the need to change things for the sake of change. I remember when Apple did the same thing with Final Cut, and even all these years later, I prefer the old version.

    1. Yup, pretty much the same myself … Apple are famous for it, there’s many an “upgrade” I’ve sidestepped these days from hard experience of stuff they take out and stuff they add I never wanted or need … c’est la vie 🙂

  8. Censorship is on the rise. The app some couple invented to exchange words they didn’t like in books their kids were reading – and which got picked up widely – is a good example. It’s now been taken down in a lot of places because it violates the First Amendment rights of the author.

    1. A complex issue, and I’m sure there’s plenty of censorship that occurs in the name of laws etc … first I heard about the app so thanks for cluing me in …

    2. The word *React* came almost being copyrighted by a YT channel group that did a series of videos called *Kids React* to different things like old technology such as rotary phone or a Sony Walkman Cassette Player.

      and it came real close by law that you couldn’t use that word on any blog or site without their permission but the group lost major support literally overnight when coming up with theproposal.

      That means you think word press censors you now it would’ve shut down blog services that uses the word react in any of their posts no matter what the context is.

      Censorship has risen dramatically in the last several years and I blame the Syria/Egypt revolutions which likely made world governments paranoid it could happen to them.

  9. The whole new/improved saga has been going on for awhile now – will be interesting to see how it plays out and how united the community becomes in their outcries – 🙂

    1. I realised that probably the classic editor will stay, as wordpress.org users wont get a new editor … but wordpress.com might decided to integrate everything into the reader colours and style, so not set in stone …

  10. I loathe the new, improved editor. I also dislike the new layout but that’s another story. It’s the lack of functionality in the editor that makes me want to gnaw on bricks. As for attempting to express an opinion on the support forums? -shudder-

    The problem is, I think the devs use the wordpress.com users as guinea pigs for the paid versions. That’s why we get no change log, or even a bit of advance notice when changes are coming. We are expendable.

    1. Makes sense, we do all the work promoting their platform and they keep us in the dark …

      And yes I had a developer in testing the new notifications pulldown, so I knew about the new format before it was released … I think he/she had picked mine because I get a lot of notifications !

  11. I haven’t liked the ‘new’ editor since the first time they tried to force me to use it It didn’t go over well then and it still doesn’t. I don’t bother with the forums, there’s a reason I have Twitter :D, and it’s even useful for following the adult male child who can’t be bothered to call his Mother :D:D:D:D. I like things clean and simple and that new and not improved editor ‘looks’ clean but it is far from simple! It does’t have some of the things I use frequently, or else I can’t find them and I find myself getting more frustrated than the post is usually worth *sigh*. Buttons aren’t in the order I prefer… etc. Are the people who are ‘fixing’ WordPress editor the same ones who are ‘fixing’ Facebook? If so they need to be fired and those who actually listen to the masses brought on. Hmmmm, maybe they are the same ones who totally effed up what was my favorite HBO series. I have complained, in both survey and my own timeline, about having to continually switch my FB feed from Top Story to Most Recent EVERY SINGLE TIME I LOG IN! They aren’t listening either. If I wanted to read what happened 15 hours ago I would scroll back that far, instead I want to see what’s happened in the last hour! Is that too much to ask? Yup, just like being able to easily use the WordPress editor *sigh*. *Off my soap box*. Enjoy your night.

    1. Hopefully someone from WordpPress will send me an email saying “Sorry, April fools” … and they’ll have put everything how it should be …

      However I doubt it … still that’d be funny, right ? I could hardly be annoyed if they did that …

  12. Didn’t like it when I tried it, so I’ve been using the “classic”, but I figure it’s only a matter of time before they remove the option and force us into the new editor.

    I’ve had similar experiences on the forums. I find the monitor people there rude. If you don’t understand their explanation and ask for clarification they respond as if you’re an idiot. I’ve given up asking for help, If I can’t figure out how to do something, I just don’t do it.

    1. Pretty much mirrors my own experiences … and sorry to hear about your technical support experiences on the WordPress forums … I used to work in IT in technical support, and it’s tempting to lose patience, but that’s not professional … I generally used to bite my lip and do my best if someone wasn’t getting it … people had patience for me in my life, so do my best in the other direction …

      I usually answer a few questions if I happen to be in the WordPress.com support forums, but don’t get paid, or have the time to do much more than help a couple of people …

  13. I personally hate the new editor and force my way into the old editor. I really feel like it doesn’t give me what I need. Yes it looks “pretty” but as far as function goes it is not improved.

    1. I’m the same, can still use the classic editor … and today made me realise I do dislike the new editor enough to vocalise about it …

      But hey-ho, this is life, all we can do is have a moan about it and see what happens, no point in getting stressed !

  14. Not a fan either and the stats page leaves out some of the useful information that the previous version had. It looks pretty though if that is a selling point.

    As for the forum…censoring people for voicing an opinion is a dumb way to run a business unless it is loaded with profanity or attacking people by name. If you do not want feedback…do not have a forum!

    1. I forgotten about the new stats, and yes not much of fan of that either … personally I prefer to keep all the stuff in one place, so it’s easy to find …

      They seem to be pretty dumb – allow morons to attack business owners by lying about them and then refuse to remove the conversations … censor popular bloggers … not cool … am I considering a “Business upgrade” at $299, not in a hurry, and not likely to recommend it to anyone either, for risk their business could be attacked and wordpress staff not do anything about it …

      I know the staff work hard and are nice people, but there are some things I don’t bite my tongue about forever …

      WITHIN ALL THAT – I don’t really care too much, you have to laugh about these things, you know that as well as I do Steve 🙂

    1. I dunno, I think it’s a mobile device thing, possibly WP want to make WP more like a social network and less like a bunch of blogs … and yes, forums, I tend to agree, a hive of bad behavior …

      1. I …suppose… 😉 Got to move with the times – BUT SERIOUSLY – HOW are we not allowed to actually say we do not like it??
        A joke really – laugh don’t cry ey? 😀

      2. I was shocked actually that the comment had been deleted, and the thread closed … I don’t mind moving with the times, what I don’t appreciate is others having the freedom to say what they want and I don’t …

        And yup, laugh or cry, but you know me, I’m laughing about it … a farce really !

      3. I can’t take it seriously Belinda … so it’s all cool, whatever happens, I just blog about it to let off some steam and for fun really …

    1. I had a look at it, and went straight back to the classic editor …

      Do you find there’s anything that’s better or improved ? I’m genuinely interested !

    2. That was a pretty clever attempt at your paid post………..NOT! You must be a WordTard to be sucking up to the kiss ass corporations.

      I hope there is a world wide push for freedom against global slavery by companies like your WP thieves that exploit others like the Bush Co that sells out hard workers for cheap labor.

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