Moonlit Deptford Lounge

Deptford, South East London is an interesting and colorful place, with a lot to see and do. On the right hand side is Deptford Lounge which has a copper fascade which is stunning. Plus someone with a sense of humour has artistically painted the building on the left. All on a freezing cold moonlit night in January !


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8 thoughts on “Moonlit Deptford Lounge

  1. It might have been commissioned street artwork. There are a number of permitted murals in parts of London. On the other hand, a blind eye might have been turned because it is artistically adding something, whereas much of what is termed graffiti is seen as detracting from the surrounding environment.

  2. Hi Don, I lived in Deptford in the 1980’s when it wasn’t an interesting place. It is good to see a new perspective emerging on the old place, particularly as it was always overshadowed by neighbouring boroughs.

    1. That one has been there for years, so it’s either the people who own the buildings, or approved by the city … I honestly don’t know, but it’ not graffiti 🙂

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