Fire Hydrant Sunset

My previous incarnation as a gas and water pipeline engineer still has me fascinated with plumbing of all kinds …

In the UK, we don’t have external fire hydrants like this one, so I like shooting them … helps me hone my skills in various areas …

An “alternative” sunset for a contrasting photography day … A break from the norm and convention of “the pursuit of perfection” …



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9 thoughts on “Fire Hydrant Sunset

    1. I’m not particularly familiar with the system, but ours are underneath covers on the streets … so the fire people have to lift a metal plate and attach to that … it’s considered “neater” I think, and less water wasted by urban hooligans … same as we have underground power cables instead of overhead in the UK …

      1. Oh i see whatever works but i think ive heard about the power cables before, that sounds smarter when theres big storms we gotta worry about live wires and such, it gets dangerous

  1. Learning something new about you all the time! I too like water hydrants. Somewhere I have a nice picture postcard of a whimsically painted fire hydrant – will try to find it for you.

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