Action is the foundational key to all success.

«Action is the foundational key to all success.»

— Tony Robbins quotes are sponsored by – you dream it we built it … because – “anything is possible with Charisma”

46 thoughts on “Action is the foundational key to all success.

  1. Yea the banks really screwed up but the at the center of the american dream is supposed to be an abundance of opportunity therefore youve agreed with me haha

    1. Robbins is from the previous generation, but I’m sure there’s “up-to-date” motivational writers and speakers who might resonate more with you … and yes banks made a big mess of things, but they did have help from consumers, some might call it greed, although I’m not so hasty to use that word …

      1. Thanks im trying to get more interactive on here, i like finding out about all these other places bloggers are in like thailand and maybe draw a new follower here and there:)

    1. He helped me understand American culture quite intimately, so useful in that respect … I think we all have to find what resonates with us, and finding stuff that doesn’t as just as useful as find stuff that does …

      1. Oh what knowledge did you garner from anthony robbins of the US? That were overworked, over medicated, over caffeinated, unmotivated, obese addicts?haha

      2. Already knew most of that … no things like gratitude at thanksgiving, altruism and a free country for people to become successful if they work hard …

      3. That anyone could have a home with a white picket fence, and live comfortably idk its hard to explain. it just feels so natural its so hard to explain to someone whos not american LOL

      4. Sounds like a shift from “entitlement based on effort” to “entitlement based on existence” … which makes a lot of sense actually Matt !

      5. Yea the US has the worst income inequality and we keep electing politicians who cater to the very richest so the american dream really isnt thriving right now

      6. I don’t Europe is much different. It’s probably not the government’s fault, the wealthy have made a mess of things, governments have done their best to try and fix it. The recent western recession we had was caused by greedy banks. But takes two to tango, the less well off also over-leveraged themselves, so not all blame on rich people.

        So my take is the american dream is alive and well, just a severe lack of opportunity at the moment 🙂

      7. Hopefully western economics will recover, but it’s been a long hard process which hasn’t finished yet … Europe announced a massive traunch of quantitative easing, US already done it, Japan done it, UK done it … nobody knows if it WILL ACTUALLY fix the problem !

      8. Yea were recovering, stocks are at record highs but people arent feelin it much yet cuz 90% of the income in our country is going to the richest 1%

      9. I think Europe’s the same … stocks will probably have a crash, you can’t fly that high without paying the price somewhere down the road 🙂

      10. Well of course but how bout prices in the UK? They dropped super low here for awhile but im expecting them to shoot up eventually, it’s probably gonna hinder on who we elect next time around

      11. London gets more expensive every time I go there … and fuel has always been expensive in UK due to high taxes, so even if the Saudis were supplying it for free, it would still be expensive … from memory it’s something like 4 or 5 times the price in the US …

      12. Holy crap 4 or 5 times?! At one point gas was almost 5 dollars a gallon! Thats like 20 bucks a gallon but then you factor in exchange rate and im not even sure how many liters = a gallon, i wish wed stop being so damn arrogant and convert to metric already!haha but gas(petrol) sounds so expensive in the UK!

      13. Bottom line it’s pretty damn expensive in the UK, there’s a shit load of tax added … Thailand I’m guessing is closer to USA prices … I don’t follow them anymore as I don’t drive (anymore) … I use public transport mostly, occasionally I need a car in UK, then I hire one, and fuel’s included 🙂

      14. Captive audience and government greedy bastards … or could be the massive welfare state in the UK … higher quality of life, now that I’m not convinced about …

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