Gold Buddha

And this Buddha was at another shrine 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Gold Buddha

      1. LOL … fact is stranger than fiction, however not in this case … it’s possible they may be real or fake flowers, I didn’t closely inspect, I’ve seen both at shrines … obviously the real ones wither and need replacing all the time …

    1. He’s usually the centerpiece of the thai buddhist shrine, has 3 or 4 faces so he can see in every direction … as for what Buddha stands for … yes I do, but tend to stay out of religious discussions, as I think people are free to believe what they want to 🙂

      1. It varies from Buddhist faith to Buddhist faith … some seem to idolise Buddha like a god, others I understand seem to point to a deeper more esoteric meaning and are anti idolatry … I favour the later, as I don’t believe God (or Buddha) is purely an external thing, and could be harmful to experience God/Buddha as purely existing outside ourselves.

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