Sushi Extra By Oh

It’s such a privilege to be a photographer sometimes. The insights I get from being merely an observer are often very valuable.

From shooting this night market I could tell you what makes the difference between a busy seller and a seller who doesn’t sell much. It’s all about attitude, with a sprinkle of presentation. The busy sellers are vibrant in their photos, alive, in motion and their stalls are beautifully and thoughtfully presented down to the details. They are charismatic people who’re enjoying what they’re doing.

“Sushi Extra By Oh” is no exception. I know this because my girlfriend buys her (our) sushi here. And having photographed now “Oh” in action, that really makes sense. If you look closely at her trays they are almost empty.

Oh’s stall is also smaller and set back from the others – being different can be an advantage in the world …

Anyway, It’s time for me to get some rest, so until the next time … adieu … (it’s French for goodbye) … and choke dee carb … ( it’s Thai for good luck )


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10 thoughts on “Sushi Extra By Oh

  1. Interesting. Have you ever read “The Crying Of Lot 49” by Thomas Pynchon? The main character makes a bunch of observations about observing life through a lens…not unlike you do here. You may find it interesting!

    1. Thanks, I haven’t so will have to add to my reading list 🙂 … In the main I think it’s how powerful just being an observer can be, in terms of learning and seeing what’s really going on … “the truth” perhaps 🙂

  2. My husband said that when he was stopping over in Thailand en route to Australia – years ago – the street stalls that attracted him had happy people serving and happy people clamouring to be served. And something that always stayed with him…he dropped his wallet and a man came running after him to return it….fat chance in Paris!

    1. Fat chance in London too … When I’m photographing I’m looking for scenes that are “alive”, and starting to recognise those … I had so many photos from the market of people with blank expressions who looked like they were waiting to “clock off” … and such a contrast with the people who seemed to be enjoying their work, customers and the whole process … So, probably next time, I’ll be looking out for those people and stalls, which will save me time back at my desk …

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