Pre Solar Eclipse Sunset

I wasn’t able to make it to the beach today, and wasn’t expecting this “effect” in the sky, otherwise I probably would “made the effort” …

Tomorrow is a special day for those in Northern Europe (and surrounding areas) – some people will probably see a full or nearly full solar eclipse. Tomorrow morning in the UK.

This doesn’t come round very often – “Once in a blue moon” springs to mind. So if you want to see it (in this lifetime, or at least this generation), then you should be ready at least 30 minutes before and find a good vantage point.

I’m in Asia so I won’t see it, at all … nevermind, that’s life !

Back to the effect I saw today – in the sky was a sun that was clearly round, and just as easy to look at as the moon at night. Basically not blindingly bright. Normally at the same time of day I wouldn’t be able to look directly at the sun, on this occasion I was able to.

I don’t know whether the effect I saw today is related to the eclipse or not. Danny says not, I say “It’s possible” … are there any lunar/solar phenomena experts out there ?

(Note: looking directly at a bright sun is not recommended and could damage your eyes – please do not do it !)

For more information on tomorrow’s solar eclipse – in your favourite search engine – “solar eclipse”, NASA and timeanddate for instance.

Hope those who’re lucky enough to see, enjoy it …


Don Charisma

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