Pizza Ready To Eat

I put pizza in my ‘spiritual’ category. It’s the food of the gods, I could eat it all 24/7/365 and probably never get bored. But like some other things in life, not all pizzas are made equal. I don’t think I could ever top the pizzas I had in Sardinia.

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

9 thoughts on “Pizza Ready To Eat

  1. How true and you are fortunate indeed to have eaten that pizza. The best I ever had was from a cave like restaurant set in the side of a hill with tree roots growing down the ceiling and wall, somewhere in Connecticut I think? Not sure now. The fire baked pizza was delicious.

  2. Say Don, thank you so much for blogging. I really like the pizza pic this morning! Say I am new to blogging for my boss’ company. I am wondering if we could, I think it is called swapping backlinks or both putting a link on each other sites? I am new so if I am breaking an etiquette thing let me know. The blog you contacted me on originally is just a small local blog, I call a micro-blog. My main blog is

    Anyway I appreciate any help you could offer.

    Thank you, Jess

  3. Yes, absolutely, pizza is one of heaven’s foodstuffs. I can even eat it cold for breakfast. My favorite pizza comes from Chicago – Giordano’s – and believe it or not, Plymouth, MA, from a place where I’ve been eating it since the 1950’s: Ernie’s.

  4. Truly, there is nothing better than a good pizza; conversely, there is nothing worse than a bad pizza. There ae many things that go into making a pizza good or bad: bread, sauce, and cheeses being the three most important. As a bread baker, I am prejudiced towards a good bread, and have many bread recipes that I use to make the crust, depending on my mood.

    I would love to know what made the pizza in Sardina so great.

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