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Hope Spirals Eternal

Thanks to Susan and Belinda for sharing this lovely piece of writing … I hope that some of my readers will enjoy too 🙂
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Susan Irene Fox

By Belinda Borradaile

When Susan Asked me to write about ‘Hope’, my first instinct was, ‘Yes of course dearest Susan!’
Thinking about it over this last while I realised a few things, and reaching my final day to put this together, I realised this:
Hope and lack of it, is all I write about – all the time. My own struggle with holding on to hope and my DESIRE to BRING hope to others.
It is in that desire that writing this is so hard for me, for it is the ‘anticipation or expectation of a desire being met’ that instils hope within us.

Writing here has allowed me to assimilate my perceptions of hopes meaning.
Thank you Susan for prompting the opportunity to do so, for myself, and hopefully, for others.

Spiral.2Hope is formed in Uncertainty.

A simplified expression of hope is the hope for a good spread of…

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