Three Posts Thursday – so much happend in a week

Yes, certainly without Jason’s blog we would be clueless … Please let Jason come back, this place is empty without him … Or put another way, we’ll miss you OpenMan … you rock !
Don Charisma

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It’s already been one week since my last post; how does time seem to go by so fast? I wanted to share my top three posts of the day, in no particular order. There seems to be some upheaval on WP related to Opinionated Man’s blog. Without his blog, many of us would be clueless as to how to be social on WP and gain mutal followers, as well as the value of thoughtful comments and ‘likes’. I hope the WP community can hang tight.

Happy almost TGIF. I hope you enjoy the posts.

❤ & ?
Erin @123

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